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Thread: Concerning rentals...

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    I'm also not moderating "rental" threads.
    My responses 1) presume you own the original retail disc you are attempting to backup, 2) tend to represent myself only, and 3) do not necessarily represent the views of SlySoft nor its developers. I do not work for SlySoft.

    Please post all technical support questions on the forums instead of private messaging me. Technical support requests sent to me will be ignored. Private message me only for moderation issues, please. Thank you.

    Please read the SlySoft Forum Etiquette before posting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cocabill View Post
    I've have rented...
    Cocabill pwneds' this thread....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Uglyinthemornin' View Post
    Moderators do the Moderating

    You are a Moderator correct?
    So Moderate! (Thank Shoe)
    I've read and re-read this post numerous times. The only way I can interpret your post is in a manner that I do not find acceptable. I'd advise you to engage your brain next time before posting something like this.

    Decisions made by the Moderators and their actions are not up for debate.

    Quote Originally Posted by mahoney19 View Post
    So now talking about copying rental dvd's is acceptable?

    Maybe its time to update the forum rules then.
    By now the rules have been slightly changed for the reasons already given. Refer here (

    Quote Originally Posted by bilbo65 View Post
    Well, it's an either/or proposition. Black or white. I have never heard of a country which approves stealing of copyrited materials. The statement that rentals have different protections is not relavant. It is still a rental. The "floodgates" are now offically open.
    In some countries it is apparently not illegal to copy rentals. Peoples' personal feelings about the practice don't matter.

    Quote Originally Posted by bilbo65 View Post
    As you undoubtedly know, belief and knowledge are not necessaarily the same thing.....

    What the heck does "not strictly legal" mean? Does it mean it's legal if you do it and illegal if I do it????

    This "slippery slope "has just gotten much steeper, IMO.
    Please do not get into a silly debate over wording. The rules are what they are. We don't all have to agree with them but Members do have to follow them. If you do not wish to offer a person assistance then don't.

    I think zebadee did a pretty good job explaining things. Refer here ( for the addition to the forum rules.

    I am one of the Moderators who will not be assisting people with copying rentals or discs they do not own when and if they have any problems. Where I live it isn't legal to copy rentals and I find the practice unacceptable and wrong regardless of the laws where the person having a problem resides.

    I have split the discussion of rentals away from the original thread about 27 Dresses. That thread already got cleaned up once. It has now been noted that the forums rules have been changed and explanations given as to why. The discussion about rentals is fruitless. I suggest people follow their own beliefs. If you don't wish to help someone then you do not have to but do not post in such threads saying people shouldn't be copying rentals.

    There really isn't any purpose to leaving this thread open so it will now be closed.
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    • All users agreed to follow forum rules when they registered and are expected to abide by them. Ignorance is not an excuse.
    • I neither represent nor am I employed by SlySoft or its developers. My responses do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of SlySoft or its employees.

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