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    Default Single Layer Cake

    Hm, let's try it with this one:
    For me, it is not easy to find "+R single layer" blanks (in fact, I'm convinced they do not exist)
    --- I always knew it, DVD+R blanks are a dang government conspiracy!
    Chris Gonzales
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris Gonzales View Post

    "For me, it is not easy to find "+R single layer" blanks (in fact, I'm convinced they do not exist)"
    My responses 1) presume you own the original retail disc you are attempting to backup, 2) tend to represent myself only, and 3) do not necessarily represent the views of SlySoft nor its developers. I do not work for SlySoft.

    Please post all technical support questions on the forums instead of private messaging me. Technical support requests sent to me will be ignored. Private message me only for moderation issues, please. Thank you.

    Please read the SlySoft Forum Etiquette before posting.

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    Well that's funny because all I can't find the DVD-Rs all I can find is the +Rs

    so yeah a government conspiracy state to state country to country...

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