I have searched the forum for "Reservation Road" and read all the messages regarding it but none address my problem in trying to copy it with DVDClone.

With AnyDVD off it plays fine with PowerDVD.
With AnyDVD on it only plays "something" which I don't believe is even part of the title movie and only last 42 minutes. For those who've seen the movie it starts with a swimming pool scene which I can't find with AnyDVD turned off.

So DVDClone thinks that is the correct movie (42 minute clip).
It doesn't show anything any longer than that and previewing the other chapters shows them to be the "coming attractions". The longest "other" is 14 minutes.

I have the latest versions of all SlySoft programs and even downloaded the latest and reinstalled them to be sure I didn't have a defective install. I also tried DVDShrink and it did the same thing. I do have Nero 8 installed but didn't try anything with it.

I've had the Slysoft programs for years and this is the first title that I've had a problem (other than Clone DVD choosing the wrong title). I've tried it in an external USB drive and in an internal DVD drive with the same results. My Lite-On USB DVD drive has never made a coaster with hundreds of disks copied sucessfully. Both drives are Region 1 and so is the disk I'm trying to backup.

Since others had problems (last post was well over a year ago) trying to copy this title it's possible the disk is defective but since it seems to play okay with AnyDVD off that's doubtful. Does anyone have any suggestions I can try?