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Thread: Trial period expired? Why?

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    Default Trial period expired? Why?

    I just built a new rig (i7 with intel 920) with Windows 7 build 7100RC 32bit a couple of days ago. I installed the trial version Anydvd HD and everything seems fine. Then I installed the beta. Right after finish installation and open it, it said "Trial period expired" and can't go any further. I restart the computer, and run the anydvd, but still the same message. Why is that?

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    Default Just a junior member...

    Gonna go out on a limb here and venture a guess...

    First please notice the msg that has the link to the Beta, it says: "Safe for every REGISTERED user to try".

    In the not to recent past, Beta versions could be used as trialware too, but since there are a constant stream of new Betas, all folks had to do was constantly re-install new Beta releases, and each time they got extended out to a new, full, 20 day trial period. This loophole/oversight was allowing a group of folks to use AnyDVD indefinitely for FREE. So I believe they made it so Beta versions can not be used as trialware. When you installed the Beta version, it probably terminated the trial period on the trial vesion you had already installed.

    Please note, I am in no way implying that you are one of these "Pirates". But instead, I suspect you have suffered unnecessarily because of the infractions of others (a condition more and more common in western society - as greed and dishonesty continue to grow).

    Our friends at SlySoft are our HEROS. They provide a **WONDERFUL** product with support second to none. I think it is important to support them if we choose to use their software indefinitely.

    I can whole heartidly recommend this product. Their support is second to none. AND they are like shinning knights against a dark axis of evil (hollywood) - Heros that enable us (the consumer) to enjoy/protect the discs we have already paid handsomely for.

    What the heck, go ahead and buy a copy (your gonna discover how wonderful this product is sooner or later), I promise you won't be sorry.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sigpaw View Post
    but since there are a constant stream of new Betas, all folks had to do was constantly re-install new Beta releases, and each time they got extended out to a new, full, 20 day trial period
    i'd be surprised if that was true.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mike20021969 View Post
    i'd be surprised if that was true.
    It's not true, what people were doing was resetting the trial version with a hack so they could keep using it indefinitely. Now with the trial version unable to access the update server and beta versions not able to be used as trial versions it makes it a bit harder for people to pirate the software and means they don't have access to decryption for the latest movies

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    any some of the thicker users have even posted in this forum asking how to get it working again:


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