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Thread: Any DVD not reading a movie

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    Question Any DVD not reading a movie

    Hi there I am new to the forum and hope I have followed all the rules, if I have made a mistake it is in error so please be kind.

    Using any dvd / clone dvd to backup an movie, any dvd never stops so clone dvd cannot read the disk. Tried in two dvd readers ( same machine ). XP SP 3

    I have uploaded the log file so any help would be great.

    Many thanks

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    This is the AnyDVD HD forum, so is this a DVD or Blu-ray? If it's a Blu-ray then Clone DVD won't work with it anyway
    I see no logfile attached to your post
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    The Anydvd HD forum is for Blu-rays and HD-DVDs only. The Anydvd forum is for dvds (as is the Clonedvd forum).

    If this is a dvd in question, then click, and read #7. Also, allow Anydvd up to 10 minutes to scan the disc before opening any other programs.

    If you're using a Blu-ray or HD-DVD, then click
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