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Thread: Help Please. Anydvd HD drive not ready

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    Unhappy Help Please. Anydvd HD drive not ready

    Hello everyone,
    New to the forums and need some help.

    I have been running anydvd for years without issues but recently purchaced a pioneer bdr-205 12x bd burner. I put it into an external enclosure conecting to my laptop via eSata. Anydvd HD recognizes the drive and works perfectly with a dvd but when I put a blu-ray in (regardless of the title) I get a quick flash saying it is scanning the disk but doesn't do anything else. It doesn't remove the protections and when I try to use the ripper it say that the drive is not ready. Again this doesn't happen with a dvd. I installed the beta but this didn't fix the problem.
    Is anyone else having this problem? HELP Please.


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    Do you have a license for the HD part or just AnyDVD?

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    1st order of business before receiving any help.

    Visit the sticky called "Frequently Asked Questions" and click on the link at nr 1

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