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Thread: Cinavia Protected Disks and Blu-ray Players (disks and players ONLY)

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    Quote Originally Posted by omegaman7 View Post
    It was of course inevitable. But it will be the downfall of the protection scheme
    I installed previous version of Powerdvd 12 i found on the net. It didn't give me any problems!!!

    Can some one edit the post in the first page of this theard, and mention that Powerdvd 12 has cinavia protection.

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    OK guys...

    I know of two movies not on the list that have Cinavia. Those are Wrath of the Titans and Lockout.

    I really hope software can 1) detect it and 2) disable/workaround it in the nearish future.

    I watch a mix of Netflix rented Blu-rays as well as store bought ones. I rip everything before I watch it on my HTPC, just so that I don't run into any read errors, which I seem to get more of with Netflix every time. Some discs, I've had to get 3-4 of them before they would read correctly. I play the rips so ads are skipped, etc.

    One workaround is that the latest VLC Media Player WILL play these if you mount the ISO or drive, and play the largest (typically) M2TS file in the STREAM folder.

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    Default Protection on Samsung Blu-ray also

    My new 3D Bluray player - Samsung BD-E5900 has the Cinavia Protection on it as well

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    Default Cinavia firmware on blue ray players

    I just got hit with the firmware update on my Panasonic BDT500 blue ray player. Now I can't watch my back ups. FYI this firmware update version 1.47 will destroy your video watching even if you are the creator of the video as I record my own video AVI format and convert to DVD, this CINAVIA will not tell you it is a copyrighted copy and will not play, also I have now found it out to be same on some Netflix's out of the sleeve an into the player...
    need some help here. As Panasonic states "Industry Standard now on all 2012 machines" I guess another way to sell something to fix it. If were here we have Slysoft. so what's coming?

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    Set your players to manual up dates so you don't get hit
    does not allow you a choice on what to up date unless you can go to site on your machine and up date direct from the site

    FIRMWARE UPDATE on your machine should have auto or manual PLEASE set to manual so you don't have to deal with CINAVIA as have then you should be able to update others No guarantees good luck

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    Quote Originally Posted by hajj_3 View Post
    This thread is for a list of Blurays/dvds that contain Cinavia protection and a list of bluray/media players and firmware versions do or don't contain cinavia support.

    Cross-reference to this list available here:

    This List has been removed from Wikipedia


    All of these wiki references are out of date, and the information has been removed.

    The only semi-complete effort I have found is sponsored by a competitor, the folks at DVDFab. Check out their blog page at:

    I recommend updating the first post in this thread at least to include that link. Even better would be to update at least the movie list. MHO, of course...

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    Arcsoft Total Media Theatre 5 latest update TODAY has Cinavia in it. This is bad because now all major Blu-ray playback software has Cinavia in it, making ISO backup playback more difficult.

    TotalMedia Theatre Release Notes

    01. Windows 8 support
    02. Cinavia support (more info at

    01. Fix for NVIDIA systems where 2D Blu-rays launch in 3D mode
    02. Fix AMD 7xxx HD audio bitstreaming no sound issue
    03. Fix a compatibility issue with recent AMD drivers
    04. Fix auto-refresh infinite replay issue on AMD hardware
    05. Fix NVidia HD audio bitstreaming no sound issue
    06. Fix improper mode switching on some NVidia 3D systems

    01. Prometheus blu-ray Bonus Features disc fails to play (BETA hotfix available in seperate thread)
    02. YouTube videos fail to play/download

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    Doesn't bother me in the least. But thanks 'ethanwa' for the info! It was bound to happen. And now I sit back and wait

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    We discussed this in the other cinavia thread already. Arcsoft made this very difficult to get rid of unlike PDVD.
    Perhaps you should read The Rules?

    My replies represent ONLY myself and do NOT represent SlySoft. I do not work for SlySoft.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Racem22 View Post
    I have some new info for the LG BD550, so if you guys could update the first post that would be great.
    After I got a tip on a different forum today, I stopped at my friends who owns the BD550 and I went ahead and updated the firmware on it. Afterwards, I stuck in a copy of "The Losers" and watched about an hour of it, and for some odd but awesome reason, they have disabled Cinavia!! I have no idea why they would do this, but I'm not going to complain. Here's the firmware version it was on before and the new firmware with Cinavia disabled:

    Old firmware(Cinavia enabled): BD.8.31.283.C Servo version: H80591

    New firmware(Cinavia disabled): BD.8.31.317.C Servo version: H80594

    So does anyone have any idea why they would disable it?

    I know I'm super late but do anyone know where i can find BD.8.31.317.C Servo version: H80594 firmware update..My BD550 is on BD.7.07.114.C Its having the silent cinavia issues where it mute the audio every 5 mins....Thanks

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