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Thread: Tools to splice BD titles?

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    Default Tools to splice BD titles?


    Can anyone recommend tools to splicing BD back togeather? I have been using TSMuxerGui and bdsplice which both work. The spliced m2ts files seem to play fine on my computer but I can't watch them on my Lacie Lacinema box. The audio and video freezes and gets out of sync. The Lacie box only has problems on the ones I have to splice back togeather, the ones from my BD discs that are one single m2ts file play just fine on it.

    So does anyone know other splicing tools I could try? I prefer Linux based tools if possible.

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    Use ClownBD to make a 'Movie only' structure from seamless branching movies. You end up with a single file that has the audio corrected

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    And, if you are trying to splice the M2TS files together for the main movie on a seamless branching disk, you should use the MPLS (playlist) movie only file instead of the two or more M2TS files that make up the main movie.

    From a hardware viewpoint, Some of the newer Sony Blu-ray players like the BDPS270 ($94. in region A from Walmart) have an option for adjusting the audio to get it back in sync with the video, and with the latest firmware update mo3.R.695 are free from the Cinavia infection.
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