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Thread: HAVING TROUBLE, blu ray rip to stream on WHS

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    Quote Originally Posted by SamuriHL View Post
    Woa woa woa. Everyone needs to calm down and start thinking for a moment. This is Blu-ray ripping, NOT rocket science. (I know James and Peer would disagree ). Let's be very clear about this. If you are streaming the media to a PS3 there are MANY things to be aware of and NONE of them have anything to do with AnyDVD. Things to be aware of:

    1) PS3 does NOT like VC-1 in any kind of non-Blu-ray structure
    2) PS3 does NOT like HD audio in a non-Blu-ray structure
    3) PS3 hates Cinavia protected titles.

    Now, barring all that, there are things you can do. ClownBD allows you to make AVC disc structures with CORE audio (AC3 or DTS) that will work. Throw them on a flash drive, external harddrive, or whatever and they'll work just fine. They can't be streamed like that. If you want to stream them to a PS3, then you probably want to output them as a TS file. ClownBD can do that, as well. Then you can stream to your heart's content SO LONG AS NONE OF THE 3 THINGS I LISTED ARE TRUE FOR THE TITLE YOU'RE RIPPING.

    ClownBD can be found on this forum here:

    Now, take a deep breath, relax, and get to work.
    I went to
    there are multiple downloads and I am not sure which program will deliver the results that i am searching for.

    Would you please make a suggestion?

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    It's the same program. Get the full package as it contains everything you need.
    Perhaps you should read The Rules?

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