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Thread: Best quality youtube downloading?

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    Default Best quality youtube downloading?

    Please suggest one or two widgets, "extensions" or "add-ons" for Firefox, Chrome and/or Opera for Windows XP.

    I don't need too many features; just something that will download YouTube files in the absolute best video and audio quality via any or all of these browsers.

    Question: At, I've noticed that many of these youtube downloading programs offer the option to convert the youtube's original format (usually .flv) to another such as MPEG-4, MPEG-4 AVC and AVI.
    All of those formats will play on my new Cambridge 650BD player.

    But which youtube downloading program (freeware or payware) might do the best quality job of converting a youtube flv file to an MPEG-4 or AVI file?

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    i tried a couple of those flv converters and could never get any of them to work, so i gave up. good luck.

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