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Thread: Install mystery?

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    Default Install mystery?

    The license email has these instructions as many already know:

    Please follow these instructions carefully to activate your license(s) successfully:

    1. If you have not done it yet, download the latest trial version(s) from
    our website:

    2. Install the software and restart your PC.

    and so on...

    We got this inquiry in Support:

    Customer: In your email of Wed, Dec. 7. 4:02 am you list three steps.

    Step 2 says "2. Install the software . . ." Where do I find this software?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frank View Post
    Where do I find this software?
    That's funny is that. First laugh of the day

    Maybe bring out a book of these soon...?
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    Default install mystery

    wow, great is really a effective and helpful for the users.

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