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    Quote Originally Posted by James View Post
    I believe this happens, if "Disable media speed correction with bitstream" is checked.
    Seems like a bug in ReClock to me.
    Temporary workaround: Uncheck this option.
    James, I tried that - didn't have any effect, the problem is still there; see log attached. I still think that there is an extra addref somewhere, so cleanup doesn't happen properly. The first playbacks have this in the log:
    CReferenceClock refCount=1
    CReClock refCount=1, m_reclockRunning 0
    and after the playback, cleanup happens (destructors get called):
    CReClock refCount=0
    But after bitstream playback destructor is not called, and the next (PCM) playback starts with this:
    CReferenceClock refCount=2
    CReClock refCount=2, m_reclockRunning 0
    So there was an extra reference that prevented a proper cleanup (or so it seems).

    Let me know if you need to get more info. Thanks!
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    Hi guys,

    I'm using PowerDvD12 Ultra to play 3D Blu-ray ISO images on to my TV. Without ReClock everything plays but is stuttering and juddery. When I install and use it I can hear perfect audio, however PowerDvD just shows a black screen.

    Any idea what the problem is here? I'm a bit of a noob at all this so I'm sorry if this is in the wrong place, I would just love to get it working.

    I should say this is Windows 7 64bit.



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    I'm afraid the PowerDVD 12 support isn't working for me with PowerDVD 12 Pro ESD in Windows 7 x64 SP1; as soon as I try to play a Blu-Ray PowerDVD crashes.

    The only info I get is a single line via DbgView:

    [1372] [CLHelper] CyberLink Software: Exception 0xC00000FD at 0x232C8924 (ReClockDS.dll!+0x00018924)

    When I comment out the entries for in RFCom.ini PowerDVD works again, but of course ReClock doesn't...

    Is there anything else I can do to help track this down?

    (According to some googling 0xc00000fd is EXCEPTION_STACK_OVERFLOW - I wonder how that happens...)

    EDIT: Come to think of it - I just now reinstalled ReClock again then checked "Force ReClock to be loaded instead of default renderers" (dunno why it was unchecked) and "Only load ReClock and show application dialog for defined applications" and added PowerDVDCinema12 as "Load always" and it started to work...

    So it seems if you don't force ReClock to be loaded something goes awry...
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    Arcsoft Totalmedia hangs on my XP32-system with the newest reclock version.
    Any help greatly appreciated.

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    Default PowerDVD 12

    I have a small bug with ReClock. There is more than one icon in the taskbar. The main one stays but others keep going on and off. I have attached a Video Screen Capture of this. I am using Windows 7
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    Hi James,
    I was wondering if there was still no solution to deal with those (damn) VFR files.
    With this sample, you can see ReClock detect 23.976, then 29.97, then 23.976 again in under 30 seconds.
    Of course if you use RunEvent, it'll switch the resolution accordingly, which can be very annoying.
    I was thinking of ideas to bypass this problem, while keeping RunEvent activated of course.. and came up with the following:
    Could it be possible for ReClock to mimic the way madVR does it?
    IF the filename or the path to the media contains certain terms, ReClock would only send 1 (and only 1) event notification to the VBS script, based on the term, upon starting playback.
    Here's how madVR does it:
    If you have e.g. "24fps" or "24 fps" or "24.000 fps" in the file name, madVR will ignore the framerate information coming from DirectShow and instead use your tag information. If you add "24p" or "24Hz" or "24 Hz" or "24.000 Hz" to the file name, madVR will use that only for the display mode changer.
    I think 24p/25p/30p would be more than enough already:

    What do you think about it?
    See you,

    XP SP3 / Geforce 8500

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    James, to temporarily solve the VFR annoyance described above, I tried putting the framerate manually in cache, but it seems this feature is just broken:
    * added a frame rate cache in registry. ReClock will now retain manually entered frame rates.
    I did the following:
    - Erased HKCU\Software\ReClock\Cache
    - Started playing a VFR file, changed "Automatic" to "23.976fps" in ReClock Properties page
    - At this point I verified that the registry branch/key is re-created.
    But, if I stop playback (and/or close player), the next time I play the same file, "Automatic" is set again...

    Therefore I don't quite understand the purpose of this cache?
    The REG_DWORD is always set to "0" anyway..?

    While 99% of my files run perfectly fine with "Automatic", this cache feature could certainly help with the VFR files.

    Please shed some light on this when you have time!
    Thank you,

    XP SP3 / Geforce 8500

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    Is there any way to avoid using the slave to reference clock option to get a proper pal speed down 25>24 fps with no pitch correction.

    Some pal dvds and momentum blu-rays are pitch corrected most arn't so the pitch correction actually maintains the higher pitch on alot of discs. if you hit the slave to audio reference clock option the pitch correction if not applied and it sounds correct finally.

    Personally I use this with my media PC to slow down TV shows from HDTV almost no pitch correction is ever used by the broadcaster.

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    Turn off time stretching. It's bad news anyway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ragnarok View Post
    Some pal dvds ... are pitch corrected
    Which are?
    The only ones I know of are the "Lord of the Rings" discs.
    My responses tend to represent myself only and do not necessarily represent the views of SlySoft, Inc. PLEASE POST ALL TECHNICAL PROBLEMS ON THE FORUMS. Thank you.

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