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Thread: AnyDVD HD does not decrypt A Christmas Story

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    Default AnyDVD HD does not decrypt A Christmas Story

    I received a collectors edition DVD of A Christmas Story this past Christmas and am trying to rip the DVD files to my hard drive to play back with My Movies. However, AnyDVD HD takes forever scanning the disc and once it is finished when I try to rip with CloneDVD2 or even rip to image using AnyDVD HD I get a message that the disk is protected/encrypted and cannot proceed.

    I am not experiencing this issue with any other DVD.

    I am running:
    Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit
    AnyDVD version
    CloneDVD2 version

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    Upgrade to the latest beta of AnyDVD and then post a LOG file.

    Bei Probleme, Immer LOG Datei Von Original Disk Beifügen: Wie Erstellt Man Ein LOG Datei
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