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Thread: New Release - AnyCmd Tool v1.0.0.1 [3-20-2012]

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    Thumbs up New Release - AnyCmd Tool v1.0.0.1 [3-20-2012]

    This is the initial release for the new command line utility AnyCmd. It is designed as a replacement for the AnyTool2 utility witten by bigdude.

    Legal stuff: By downloading this software you agree to the following:
    This software is FREEWARE and is provided 'as-is', without any express or implied warranty. Use at own risk !! No support, but use as you see fit and circulate freely. In no event will the authors be held liable for any damages arising from the use of this software.

    This is third-party software and not supported by Slysoft in AnyWay, shape, or forum.

    Install: Unzip and copy it anywhere.

    Usage: AnyCmd [enable][disable][stop][help]
    [rip <Drive Letter> <Target>] -ow -log
    [ripiso <Drive Letter> <Target>] -ow -log
    [ripraw <Drive Letter> <Target>] -ow -log

    enable or –e :Enable AnyDVD.
    disable or –d :disable AnyDVD.
    stop or -s :Shutdown AnyDVD.
    help or -h :Shows usage information.

    rip* :Same as ripraw for now.
    ripiso :Rip DVD files to specified target iso file.
    ripraw :Rip DVD files to specified target without renaming folder.

    -ow :Overwrite existing files.
    -log :Creates a log file in the current folder.

    Example: AnyCmd.exe ripios f "C:\Folder Path\Folder\1234567890.iso"
    AnyCmd.exe ripraw f "C:\Folder Path\Folder"

    NOTE: rip options will create the target path if it does not exist.

    * Feature not fully implemented.

    AnyCmd : This is the initial release. I’m sure there are some bugs hiding in there somewhere but I can only do so much testing. I tried to make this a replacement tool for AnyTool2 and so I matched the command line format that AnyTool2 used. Since this is the first version I would have to actually call this a beta because there are still some things that I would like to fix or improve upon.

    Note worthy:

    rip VS. ripraw - Currently, these params do the same thing. I haven’t had a chance to put in the directory renaming stuff yet. This is how I understand the issue.

    Useful in scripts: The behavior of the ripper is a bit of a problem for that because when ripping files it creates a folder based on the Media volume label. The problem is that a lot of media actually has no volume label so running several into the same target folder would cause them to clobber each others output. I am adding code to find the folder created and rename it DVD or DVD-001 etc. that way a script could rip from several drives sequentially.

    enable – enable returns immediately after AnyDVD is enabled or launched. If AnyDVD is not running it will start it. If it start in a diabled state then it will try to enable it. I don’t see a reliable way on knowing when AnyDVD is done scanning and goes into its ready state. Some discs can take a long time to scan and if you have multiple drives or virtual drives this could take a while. If this becomes a problem with scripting let me know and I can work on it some more.

    New feature: I have also added some new features
    -log - Creates a log file in the same directory where you are running AnyCmd from.

    -ow - Tells AnyCmd to answer Yes to the overwrite dialog box.

    The tools tries its best to anticipate any dialog boxes that pop up but I’m sure there are a few situation I have missed so just let me know. This was mainly tested on XP and Windows 7.

    You can email me at, post in this thread or PM me.
    I’ll do my best to monitor this over the next couple of weeks and to fix any broken stuff.


    -Tom G.
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