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Thread: three musketeers

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    I updated as I wrote the last post. then ran it again. this time it spun forever in the drive. after ripping it to HD for an hour it gave the same error.

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    Default 7026 log please

    Let's see a log zip for this one and 7026 beta now, please.
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    Are you still trying to rip it using shrink? if so then don't as it can't handle newer disc structures, you need to use AnyDVD's 'rip Video DVD to harddisk' option then you can process the folder it creates in DVD Shrink, either that or try running it direct from the disc using CloneDVD2

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    Default Three Musketeers

    I was also having the same exact problem with 7020, I then installed the 21 day trial ver of AnyDVD on a different computer and it ripped fine to hard disk.

    I thinks its hardware related, my DVD rom is about 3 year old and might be time to replace it.

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