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Thread: eac3to 3.28 released

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    Default eac3to 3.28 released

    Link to thread on Doom9:


    * fixed: #001: different number of frames for left and right eye
    * fixed: #061: valid silence edit was sometimes rejected
    * fixed: #067: error messages were not available to GUIs
    * fixed: #086: left/right eye information was inverted in some 3D Blu-Rays
    * fixed: #131: TrueHD Atmos streams could not be demuxed or decoded
    * fixed: #243: ArcSoft DTS decoder crash made eac3to crash, too
    * downStereo: added 0.7071 factor for surround/back channels (ITU-R BS.775-3)
    * downStereo/Dpl: using 0.5 instead of 0.7071 factor for LFE (ITU-R BS.775-3)

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    Awsome truehd atmos will now work in command line.... have to test this asap....

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    Did you performed some tests regarding Atmos audio tracks?

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    eac3to v3.29 released

    * added libDcaDec decoder for DTS decoding, new default for 7.x tracks
    * fixed: #086: left/right eye information was inverted in some 3D Blu-Rays
    * fixed: #263: decoding TrueHD Atmos with active dialnorm information failed
    * fixed: #264: using "-float32 -normalize" didn't work in all cases
    There's good and bad news. Let's start with the bad news:

    We already knew that "7.1 (strange setup)" DTS-HD Master Audio tracks were not decoded correctly by the ArcSoft decoder. Recently I learned that also some other DTS-HD Master Audio 7.1 tracks may not have been decoded correctly. Basically there are 3 possible speaker configurations for 7.1 MA, one of them is the "strange setup", the other two eac3to has not specifically marked. One of them was decoded perfectly by ArcSoft - but only with some dtsdecoder.dll versions, not with all (with some old versions the surround and back channels were swapped, but otherwise lossless). And one speaker config seems to have been decoded by ArcSoft correctly, but then post-processed, with some mixing going on. Basically this means, to be safe I'd recommend to redo all DTS-HD Master Audio 7.1 tracks. I'm sorry about that, and not very happy myself.

    The good news is that there's a new open source DTS decoder (dcadec) available, which in its current form has the following advantages and disadvantages compared to ArcSoft:

    + it's faster
    + it never post-processes, for any channel/speaker configs
    + it can decode all three 7.1 configurations perfectly
    + eac3to can run multiple decoding tasks in parallel
    - it's not that well tested yet
    - it doesn't support 192kHz decoding yet
    - it doesn't support XSA / LBR low bitrate tracks yet

    The latest eac3to build now automatically switches to dcadec for all DTS 7.x tracks. However, because the new decoder isn't that well tested yet, for all other channel configurations ArcSoft is currently still the default decoder option (if it's available, otherwise dcadec becomes default).
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