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Discussion in 'ReClock' started by alizee, May 13, 2012.

  1. alizee

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    Hi, i have a LCD wich native resolution is 1360x768 at 60HZ...

    It supports other resolutions like 1080i, but always at 60HZ, there is no other option to change the refresh rate, even CCC (ati card HD6570) only shows 60HZ in all resolutions possible...

    So using reclock for me is good or not?

    i watch most 23,976 or 24 fps movies, sometime 25 fps movies and some broadcasts in 25 FPS and 29,970 FPS (last one is fine :clap:)

  2. theshadowrunner

    theshadowrunner Well-Known Member

    ReClock is always beneficial. Of course since your display only has 60hz frequency available, you'll still suffer from 3:2 pulldown when viewing CINEMA contents. But ReClock would still make timestamps smoother, adapt them to exactly match what your 60hz frequency needs.
  3. leeperry

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    maybe the screen claims to only support 60Hz but actually does other refresh rates, try to force them manually ;)
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  4. alizee

    alizee New Member

    i have problems in powerstrip with HD6570

    i also have a 8800GT somewhere, maybe it`s better?

    reclock helps with sound, but can`t see how it helps in playing 23,976 or 24p movies in 60HZ refresh rates...

    maybe if someone tell me a way to avoid judder :bang: