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    Ok, so, many of you have folders up the yang of ripped Blu-ray movies and don't want to spend the time to convert them to ISO. What if I make it easy for you? Could we then stop complaining? LOL :D

    These methods will require ImgBurn or later.

    METHOD 1: Manual Way

    -Load ImgBurn
    -Select create image from files/folder
    -Add Blu-ray folder
    -In options, make SURE UDF 2.5 is selected. VERY IMPORTANT!
    -Create ISO

    METHOD 2: Batch file Way

    Here's the batch file way for MUCH easier ISO creation. Note that I've not tested this because oddly all of my rips are in ISO format. :D However, it should work fine.

    Save this to something like "makeISO.bat" or whatever and put it in your path

    @echo off
    set SRC=C:\Movies
    set DEST=C:\ISOs
    set PathToImgBurn=C:\Program Files\ImgBurn

    makeISO ID4

    That's basically it. It takes the folder name you pass in, and turns it into an ISO ready for mounting. Enjoy!

    -Obviously you'll need to edit the SRC and DEST variables to match your system. The SRC is the folder that contains the Blu-ray folder(s) you want to convert. DEST is where you want the resulting ISO to live. So, if you have C:\Movies\DIEHARD, C:\Movies\ID4, etc and want to convert them, set SRC to C:\Movies. You get the idea.

    -If you changed the default location of ImgBurn installation, edit the PathToImgBurn variable to point to the location.

    P.S. Yes, you lazy people, you can create a batch file to call this script and do all your movies automagically for you.

    @echo off
    call makeISO ID4
    call makeISO DIEHARD

    UPDATE - See BSalita's very nice improvement here
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  2. Humpa

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    That'll be handy for many of us.
    I have a lot to convert and don't want to re-rip them all if I don't have to.


    Though you have a couple errors in the MakeISO.bat

    EDIT: I removed my post so as not to confuse anyone.
    Nice Work - handy little "tool". :D
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  3. SamuriHL

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    I've made some changes. That should satisfy you. :) I left the \ on originally because I want people to understand they're folders not files. But, whatever. It doesn't hurt to have the extra \ at all. I do it all the time in my work batch files.
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  4. Humpa

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    oops ... posted too soon.

    Is there something else that we can pass, or a setting we can set in ImgBurn so that the dialog box doesn't pop-up? That dialog box that tells you how many folders/files are going to be converted? You have to click "ok" before it proceeds. :(

    I can't look for that setting right now because I clicked "ok", and now it is converting Twilight Zone to iso. ;)
  5. SamuriHL

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    Cancel that encode. I just added a bunch more stuff to the script. (Found the damn readme.txt that gives ALL the options. Oops. ;)) That should be closer to what we want.
  6. Humpa

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    ok, in ImgBurn > Tools > Settings > Build you need to check the following 2 boxes (unless this can be passed in the MakeISO.bat?):

    Don't Prompt Image Details
    Don't Prompt Volume Label

    EDIT: oops again, I see you changed it again. :D
  7. SamuriHL

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    I already fixed that. ;)
  8. SamuriHL

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    BTW, thanks for helping me work the bugs out of this. As I said, I don't have any folders to try this with and I'm not in the mood to make one. I suppose I could have just mounted an ISO and done it from there, but, meh, this works. :D
  9. Humpa

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    Yep, works a treat now.

    I edited it to fit my filestructure (I'm passing 4 variables into the MakeISO.bat, since I have a zillion drives - now I can set up the CallMakeISO.bat file much easier, and never have to edit those root paths in the MakeISO.bat again).

    Thanks again :bowdown:
  10. SamuriHL

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    You're quite welcome. And yes, I figured more advanced users would take this as a template and run with it. There's a LOT you can do with batch files but this basic script should get most people up and running with ease. I'm glad we got the kinks worked out. This should help all those poor souls who ripped to folders before the functionality was removed from PowerDVD to play them. Now no one has an excuse to be playing from folders with old versions of PowerDVD anymore. ;)
  11. Humpa

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    I don't have enough free space on a drive to batch process too many of my folders (which means I'm due for a new hdd anyway). So, I guess it is off to BB I go. :D
    I see they have a 2TB gigabit hdd on sale for $449 - which means I'll finally cough up the $58 for a gigabit switch.

    This hobby sure ain't cheap. ;)
  12. SamuriHL

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    Yea, I'll be buying myself a new external drive soon as I'm running out of space, as well. I'd like to kick some out to the external and keep the most watched titles on my internal. A 1 TB drive would help. 2 would be better, but I certainly can't afford that.
  13. Humpa

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    I was looking at the wrong drive - I thought I had space left, and I do. I still have .5tb left on one of my drives. :D

    Though I was just testing the hddvd iso's I made with your batch files, and now I seem to have a low level hum coming from my rcvr. :(
    It is only with the 6 channel analog, and I get it even with my pc off - I have to unplug all 3 of the 3.5mm jacks from my auzentech to get the hum to go completely away. This is new. Argh :(
  14. sigpaw

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    BB has Segate 1TB internal SATA dives on sale right now for $189.99!!!!
    (WOW what a bargin)

  15. SamuriHL

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    Humpa, that's pretty messed up. There's no way this process should affect audio at all. Sounds like an unrelated bad happenstance. :( That blows.

    That's not a bad price for the Seagate. I don't really have room for it in my HTPC right now wihch is why I want to go external. I have to wait until June at this point I think as I have some bills to pay off first. Bleck. Plus I'm trying to save up for a new 42" plasma or LCD for the bedroom. :D
  16. Humpa

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    For sure - it is just coincidental. I ruled out the pc by turning it off and unplugging the power supply from the wall, and every other connection except the three 2 channel 3.5mm plugs. Well, I guess I didn't actually rule out the pc. But I imagine it is some sort of ground problem somewhere. So I need to unplug everything from my amp, and everything from my pc and start from there. But the access to the back of my rcvr is virtually non-existant - I have to reach up behind it while looking at a diagram of the inputs and feel my way around :bang:

    EDIT: or, I need to use my digital output from my auzentech ... but that's against my religion, and will be a last resort (I'll go and buy that Denon hdmi rcvr first). ;)
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  17. SamuriHL

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    Man that sucks! Good luck man!!
  18. Humpa

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    I remember having a similar issue back in Boston - as I recall, I used to unplug the cable connection from the wall for some reason. I don't recall exactly how my setup was, or even what year that was. I just remember having some audio hum in a certain configuration (and I remember unsucessfully trying to fix it by various grounding methods).
    Anyway, before doing anything drastic, I unplugged the cable from the wall and BAM, no more hum! So I plugged that back in, because I need cable hooked up so I can use the dvr while watching the HTPC, of course. ;)
    I then reached behind the back of my dvr cable box and felt that I had the audio left/right rca's plugged in (and the other ends were plugged into my amp, as confirmed by what happened next) - so I unplugged the rca cables and voila, no more hum! :D
    ... I use the digital audio out of my cable box anyway. Not sure why the left/right rca's were even connected (perhaps I did that as a fail safe?).

    As to why this hum didn't happen until today, I have no idea. Though I haven't used the analog inputs in a few days - and we had a nasty storm pass thru Dallas since I last used it. Lots of lightning two nights in a row and some serious power outages (including my apartments) - something obviously happened because of that.
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  19. SamuriHL

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    That's kuel that you got it fixed so quickly and relatively easily. That would have sucked if you had to go buy a new receiver.
  20. Humpa

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    Yeah, we have many, many months before we have to bother getting our HDMI rcvr's (based on that cyberlink quote). So we can let the prices drop some more.