Any DVD Mobile and Motorola Droid

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    First Time Use: Any DVD Mobile and Motorola Droid

    I just got the motorola droid. I was shocked when I downloaded Any DVD Mobile to my laptop, ripped the files, transfered them to my droid, and it actually worked the first time!:rock:

    I'm still in the Any DVD Mobile trial period. (I Already have all the other slysoft programs):bowdown:
    I'm sure it will be frequently updated like all the other of slysoft's programs.

    The video resolution is a little fuzzy, even after the video bar was increased from 30 to 75% (?) I didn't see any other resolution settings available --
    The Motorola Droid is supposed to have HD resolution.

    Also, the screen orientation does not change to portrait when the droid is held vertically. And, although titles are selectable; I did not see any way to select individual chapters within one title. Any DVD Mobile does have an option to save each chapter as a separate file, though; so the chapters you don't need can be deleted after they are ripped.

    My new Motorola Droid has a 16G SD Card, so memory isn't a problem (yet) and I'd really like to at least see a clear picture as it does not fill the whole screen available! Is there any way to get the picture with great resolution and have it fill up the whole screen? :disagree: :agree: ???

    Comments, questions and advice will be gratefully received. Thanks.
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    Search for droid in this forum - profile suggestions have been posted for what you want.