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    I am having trouble with Northern Exposure, Season 5, Disc 1.
    I should point out I have had no problem with Seasons 1 through 4.

    It will play just fine on the first layer but at 50% it starts to breakup and becomes unplayable. AnyDVD will RIP it but the copy is corrupt again at 50%. I assume this is where it switches to layer 2.

    This is the same rersult on 2 laptops and 2 destops.

    I have tried CloneDVD and it dies somewhere at 50 to 80%

    I have tested my system with other DVD's and they all play fine.

    The DVD will play on my stand-alone DVD player but it would be nice to be able to play this on my laptop.

    I do have the latest firmware on my DVD Drive and off course the latest release of AnyDVD.

    I have attached the logfile from AnyDVD!

    Anyone else a Northern Exposure Fan?


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    Additional Info

    Looks like I found the solution.

    I read in some other posts to turn on the AI Scanner which I did and CloneDVD just flew through and completed the copoy without any errors.

    Should I leave it on or only when I run into problems?

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    turn it back off, by default it's not needed and leaving it on could actually CREATE problems