AnyDVD HD made Cinavia kick in during playback of legit disc

Discussion in 'AnyDVD HD (Blu-ray)' started by Dr.Love, Jun 2, 2013.

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    If you know the exact waveform of the Cinavia signal, you can remove it by applying the exact opposite waveform to the audio--basic science. Problem is, (a) it's hard for outsiders like SlySoft to determine what the exact waveform is (that's why it hasn't been fully cracked yet), and (b) it must be done at either analog or LPCM level, meaning the audio must be decoded prior to removal, then re-encoded after removal (that's why it can only be done in Slyce, not AnyDVD HD).

    Edit: Any further Cinavia discussion should be in the Cinavia threads in other forums here. Except for the Cinavia fix (which hasn't been updated yet for the latest patches to TMT5, TMT6 & PDVD12--that was the OP's problem), Cinavia is not a proper topic in the AnyDVD HD support forum.
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    This thread is going in all possible directions, none of them having anything to do with AnyDVD.

    We are getting closer to solving this Cinavia problem but it's a few months off at best.

    We are hardly outsiders to this kind of thing, btw.

    Closing this now.
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