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    Can someone provide step by step instructions on how to burn a bluray disc with anydvd HD? I have bluray burner but find that the files are different from normal dvds. Help is greatly appreciated. I am a new user.
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    FYI Anydvd HD can rip the video or rip to Image only it doesn't burn. For that you either need something like Imgburn that can create the ISO then burn it or Burn the ISO created by AnyDVD HD but this requires you have a BD media of matching size to work 25gig to 25gig or 50gig to 50gig. Also providing a model and make would help to know what your burner type is and a log file. And how you plan to burn either just video or 1:1 copy?


    Global FAQs for AnyDVD HD
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    How to ....

    as far as actually copying bluray movies: DVD burning programs like our CloneDVD/CloneDVD mobile products are not sold as BluRay processors.
    We will soon release a new clone Blu-ray product (named "Slyce") in the second half of 2013 and it will do for BluRay what CloneDVD products does for DVDs .
    Until then there is a full-disc backup method using some FREE software along with AnyDVDHD:

    Download and install ImgBurn ( or - it's a free tool).
    Insert a BD and let AnyDVDHD scan it. Then open ImgBurn.

    - Select "Mode" , then "read", then "source" to "create image file from disc". ImgBurn will create an image of the BD on the hard drive.
    - Then you insert a blank BluRay disc
    - Select the "write" mode "write image to blank disc" to create a 1:1 50GB copy of the original.

    To fit to a 25GB blank, see this Forum discussion:
    Do this to burn with compression:
    - Use AnyDVD HD ("rip to image..." ISO image) right click menu on the tray icon
    - Use the free BD Rebuilder tool
    - Imgburn (WRITE)

    You can also use this wthout compression.

    NOTE: for 3D: rip to image with "keep protection" off
    - Then either burn the ISO to a 50GB blank with ImgBurn or mount it in Virtual CloneDrive (free from SlySoft) for commercial BD3D software playback.
    - For 2D movie-only rips w/o compressiom, use Clown_BD. Clown_BD
    - Imgburn

    Your step by step instructions is hands on practice with these software programs.