AnyDVD is disabled for Drive "n"!

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    I have been using AnyDVD with "DVD next Copy" for some time now, with great success. But things change. I went to copy a DVD and after all the scanning, etc, DVDnextcopy said that I had an encrypted disk, therefore I could not copy it. It referred me to a plugin to deal with the issue. Of course, since I had AnyDVD, I knew I did not need another plugin, especially as I had been successful for some time.

    I assume it was a problem with DVDnextcopy, until I examined AnyDVD. When I opened it and checked the status, I found the message: "AnyDVD is disabled for Drive Y:!" and "AnyDVD is disabled for Drive Y:!". What could have changed?? And how can I enable them again??

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    On AnyDVD's interface:
    Under Drives>Selection, are both drives checked?

    What version of AnyDVD are you using?
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    Yes, both drives are selected, and I am using version I am running it on Windows 7 64-bit. I have the "Free updates Forever" license.

    John Waller
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    Win 8

    The solutions mentioned here did not work, basically I gave up on AnyDVD. I have now doen a clean install of Windows 8, and I am having the same problem. The status window says that none of my drives have been enabled, but they have been selected in Settings. I have also set AnyDVD to run in Administrative mode. nothing seems to work.

    John Waller
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    Since this is the first post about this in almost two years, I'd go ask for help in Support to solve your problem, and open up a suport ticket.

    Here is the link to Slysoft Support.