ArcSoft TotalMedia (English Version) Availability

Discussion in 'High Definition Software' started by PrincipalityFusion, Jan 13, 2008.

  1. PrincipalityFusion

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    I for one appreciate you posting the link. True, it does have some rough edges still, but the fact you can't naviagate to the download page within the site should tell you that. Anyways, I agree with an earlier post which said that we weren't looking for anything revolutionary, just something that would work and not be hampered by getting rid of pretty important features (play from hard drive, lets say).

    So while its a beta, its a pretty decent beta and i'm pretty sure that the programmers know that the cat is out of the bag and are reading the forums to see what issues people are having with the prog.
  2. SamuriHL

    SamuriHL Moderator (en)

    I got sidetracked on another project tonight so I didn't get to look at this. I will definitely play with it tomorrow. Things just have gone really downhill tonight...
  3. PrincipalityFusion

    PrincipalityFusion Well-Known Member

    No problem Samuri, hope you get everything worked out.

    Looks like the AVS forum has been abuzz with this also. I happened upon this post from someone who works for VidaBox. They will be releasing a custom version for their line of HTPCs. What he has to say is pretty encouraging concerning playing from hard drive, and believable especially because thier business model would be hurt by not being able to play from the hard drive. Why buy a HTPC just to play from the optical player when you can spend much less on a standalone.

    Anyway, here's the link:

    According to other sources, the version we are playing with is old if you believe what the VidaBox poster is saying:
    I just wanted to say that the version that you are downloading off the Arcsoft website is not the released version and is actually quite old. I think you would be waisting a lot of time working with this version.

    Just my 2 cents.
    Sergio D
    VidaBox, LLC
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  4. SamuriHL

    SamuriHL Moderator (en)

    Most excellent. This software definitely seems like it has promise. It already plays more nicely than than PowerDVD on my laptop. So, I have to think my HTPC is going to love it. I hope. :)
  5. mcantu

    mcantu Active Member

    it is not possible to select hardware acceleration. I"m getting ~35% CPU usage w/o hardware acceleration vs 20-25% CPU usuage in PDVD with HA active
  6. awesmdiver

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    Installed the "trial" version from the link provided in a previous post along with the update on a Vista x64 system and no go. Seems one of the drivers is not permitted to load, probably not fully signed.

  7. Dekyon

    Dekyon Well-Known Member

    Using a dual monitor configuration the program is completly unusable at 24Hz. The lower part of screen is hard stuttering. Another problem with dual monitor: you can move the main window in the 2nd monitor, but the alerts still remain on the monitor 1!
    Tonight i'll try using 60Hz, according with James notes.
  8. w1seman

    w1seman Well-Known Member

    I thought PowerDVD is crap, but this is truly the biggest piece of sh*t I have ever had on my so far rock-stable WindowsXP system.

    When I try to start the program my virus scanner detects two files as beeing infected and asks me for action.
    When I click ignore, my whole system gets frozen for several seconds and then all of a sudden RESTARTS!!!

    I really begin to think that this world is full of crappy programmers, unable to even get the most simple things to work.

    Can it be such difficult to write a program that simply just playback MOVIES???

    I'm really beginning to getting frustrated with all of that crap, PowerDVD, TotalMedia, etc.

    I'm asking myself what these people think we users will give our money for???

    Very angry and now rid of another piece of sh*t software...
  9. SamuriHL

    SamuriHL Moderator (en)

    Someone didn't get the memo that this wasn't a final release and not meant for public consumption, ddi they? :D It's suspected that this is nothing more than a beta that was accidentally released. The reason it's not released for sale yet is because, surprise surprise, it has bugs that are being fixed. To evaluate this software based on a buggy leaked beta is not entirely fair, IMO. It was never intended for you to have in the first place. So, in your case, I'd recommend waiting until the final release build is put out there and THEN try it. You don't sound like you have the patience to handle buggy software...
  10. bass4040

    bass4040 Member

    Disk and folders from hard drive works, but none of my iso's work. When I try any evo file, it plays at 4x.
  11. mobileh264

    mobileh264 Active Member

    I had that problem with one .evo, it played at 4*speed. Most disconcerting ans my brain cannot go that fast. Most other evos played with nice video but no audio.

    I had a quick look in Graphedit at the Arcsoft filters and managed to build a graph that could play video well.

    The arcsoft demuxer filter does not expose a pin for audio when connected to an async .evo source file, so this is what's going wrong in the player perhaps.

    Blu ray .m2ts files seem to have audio working inside the arcsoft player, but I haven't fiddled with them in graphedit yet. Will do that later as seperate project, perhaps involving mpc for dshow playback.

    As for the previous post involving lots of swearing, I doubt you'll like this approach, so don't flame me, but why not totally remove the antivirus software, then try arcsoft before damning it completely. I really feel this player is the start of something big and would hate for you to be put off unnecessarily.
  12. mcantu

    mcantu Active Member

    i dont know if anyone's noticed this but there is an update available when you go through the programs check for update option....
  13. digitalfreak

    digitalfreak Well-Known Member

    Hmm... Just tried it and it told me there wasn't any updates. Did you do it from within the app or via the pop up in the system tray?
  14. Mangoat

    Mangoat Well-Known Member

    I think the update is just for the pop up app, not the media player itself.
  15. bjmills

    bjmills Active Member

    Ditto with no go for the ISOs. Also, with some of my movies, the menus don't work. They appear but I cannot navigate. Some movies work fine. Strange.

    I have also seen the crashing, on two computers. The third computer worked.

    Definitely a lot of promise with this "preview" version though.
  16. sarah99

    sarah99 Well-Known Member

    Seems to work perfectly from top directory, VC1 and MPEG-4 AVC both work although hardware accel may not. Plays audio fine (lossy and lossless) and in surround, menus all work and you can switch languages and subs while playing. Almost all DTS-HD movies fail to work
    Transformers, Matrix, Star Trek, Dante's Peak, 2fast 2 furious, children of men, waterworld, bourne ultimatum all fine from directory, can't play MI3. land of the dead, kiss kiss bang bang, unforgiven, v for vendetta, king kong, the mummy, the mummy returns, the graduate, first blood, superman returns

    Can't play from top directory (OK is greyed out), but can play by selecting BDMV directory.
    POTC1, POTC 3, blade runner, fifth element, starship troopers, cruel intentions, into the blue, capricorn 1, halloween all fine, plays various audio formats in surround perfectly.

    Tried in 3 PCs
    PC 1 XP, reboots when app initialised
    PC2 XP, works fine
    PC3 vista, works fine

    OK for HD-DVD but none of the early releases work and you need a powerful cpu as HA broken, pretty good for Blu-Ray ....... crashes on BD+
    Mouse control flaky, use the keyboard

    Arcsoft also allows you to take screen caps
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  17. WeeJockPooPongMcPlop

    WeeJockPooPongMcPlop Well-Known Member

    Works on my non BluRay, non HD-DVD laptop - XP Pro SP2

    BSOD on my BluRay, HD-DVD enabled HTPC - SP Pro SP2 - bummer !

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  18. DrinkLyeAndDie

    DrinkLyeAndDie Moderator (en)

    It definitely has a nice UI. Unfortunately I really didn't get a chance to use it. It locked up at the menu when I went to play a SD DVD and I had to kill the process. I also wasn't so enthralled about even more services being installed on my system. I'll wait for an official release and check it out again.
  19. mcantu

    mcantu Active Member

    What version # do you guys show? I have
  20. DrinkLyeAndDie

    DrinkLyeAndDie Moderator (en)

    Yes, that was the version posted.