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    I am new to the SlySoft Forum and hope someone can save the day for me so I don't have to keep my laptop.

    I just bought a new computer. ASUS with 64 bit Win7 preloaded.

    It has an Intel i7 2600 processor @ 3.4 GHz and 8 GB DDR3 memory.

    I have experienced something strange: I have used Roxio 2010 to make copies of many audio cds without a problem. On this new machine, I have had 4 failures tonight.

    I downloaded a trial version of CloneCD and it failed, also. All of the copies will play on either of my PCs but none of them will even be read by either of my two CD Players (both less than 3 years old).

    The really strange thing is I can copy these CDs just fine on my Vista 32 bit laptop using Roxio! I really did not plan to keep my laptop but it looks as if I may have to do that. My ASUS tower has no bloatware installed and is a very nice PC.

    Any ideas?


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    You say the CloneCD copy plays on your computer, but not a standalone CD player.
    It sounds like an incompatability between the blanks and CD player.

    What blanks are you using with Roxio? Are they the same blanks being used with CloneCD?
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