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Discussion in 'Third Party Products' started by jeden35, May 5, 2012.

  1. jeden35

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    Hi All,

    I've been backing up my bluray collection for a while now and have had no issues whatsoever. I've been using "AnyDVD/HD" , "BD Rebuilder" and Image Burn to accomplish this. Never a problem........However when I got to a few of my 3D Blurays (Captain America, Immortals etc...) they ripped, backed up and created into an ISO just fine. They even burned 100% with no errors. But when I tried to play them they would just try and load forever on my bluray players (PS3 and Media PC). On the meadia PC it would even say it couldn't read or load one of the files.....Very bizzare. Maybe it is having a problem when AnyDVD/HD is ripping it to the ISO and not copying over a file?

    Any ideas would be appreciated.........

  2. Adbear

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    Check you settings in AnyDVD HD, I've done quite few 3D movies and they all play back fine. You might want to try running the original disc with AnyDVD HD running and see if the disc plays back on your PC before spending the time ripping etc. If it plays ok, then rip to ISO then mount the ISO and try playing that on the PC, if that then works then it's something to do with either the media you're using or the players
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    Why'd this get moved? Not very user friendly. :(
  4. jeden35

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    I'll give it a shot. Thanks for the tips..................
  5. jeden35

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    Ok, my original played withe AnyDVD/HD running in the background and it played on my PC. I then ripped it into an ISO. I mounted the ISO with AnyDVD/HD running in the back ground and no problems there. I guess the next thing to try is compressing it to under 25gb with BD-Rebuilder and trying that ISO. If that works then I'll change media and see what happens......................

    Thanks again.
  6. jeden35

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    No Luck

    It seemed to work until I compressed it to under 25gb with BD-Rebuilder. I don't think the problem is in AnyDVD/HD because I was able to rip it as an ISO and it mounted and played fine before I tried to compress using BD-Rebuilder.

    I posted the issue at BD-Rebuilder as a possible bug. Here's what I posted there:

    I've used BD-Rebuilder for quite some time and really never had an issue......Unitl recently I've never really gotten an error that I couldn't figure out. I've been backing up my collection of Blurays for a while now (whenever I get a chance) and have always been realitvely successful. However using the latest Beta Ver. 40.09 I'm unable to successfully back up my 3D versions of my collection. Here's basically what happens:

    I put my original in and run AnyDvd/HD and it will play (do this to test). I then rip the entire disc to an ISO. I then mount the ISO and run it again (while AnyDvd/HD is in the background) and play it to again make sure it plays while mounted in the ISO format. I then turnoff AnyDvd/HD and run BD-Rebuilder. The software see's the movie and I check off the few options like 25GB file and turn into an ISO using Image Burn...........

    Here's where the mystery comes. It does everything like normal, doesn't come up with any errors and then creates an ISO via Image Burn........However when I either burn to a Disc or Mount it as an Image when it has been compressed under 25GB the image will not play either in my PS3 (under a year old with newest firmware) or on my media PC using PowerDVD 11 (latest update). In the PC it tries to load forever and on the Media PC running PowerDVD 11 Ultra it says that "Cyberlink Power DVD could not read a file on this disc, playback will stop"

    Any other Bluray I back up in my collection will playback fine. It is only the 3D blurays that are having the error/problems.

    Any Ideas.........?

    Rig Specs:

    Bluray Burner: LG GBW-H20L
    Processor FX-8120
    Hard Drives 128GB Kingston SSD & Hitachi 1TB Sata II ATA
    Memory: 16GB Dual Channel
  7. Adbear

    Adbear Well-Known Member

    You can't shrink 3D discs in BD rebuilder as 3D, you might want to check out the folder structure and make sure you don't have the SSIF folder in the shrunk disc, if you do see how much space it's taking up
  8. Ch3vr0n

    Ch3vr0n Translator nl

    There's no point in checking out the structure on the shrunk disc cause the SSIF folder won't be there. BDRB ignores it just like Clown_BD
  9. Adbear

    Adbear Well-Known Member

    Didn't realize that as I've never tried to shrink a 3D movie using BD rebuilder as I never saw the point of doing it if it can't keep the 3D aspect of the disc
  10. jeden35

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    So basically BD-Rebuilder can't compress down a 3D Bluray? That kind of stinks. Is there any other software available that can keep the 3D aspect and compress the video?

    If not I'll live..... :)
  11. Adbear

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    There's nothing out there that will compress a 3D Blu-ray and keep it in the same format as the original disc, there are some programs that will convert it to Side by side but that's about it
  12. kryteris

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    Well I made a bd25 copy of the 3d and of course it errors out w/ PowerDVD12. I tried running the individual file, seemed to work but then it crashes, or pauses for a long time.

    So my new issue is w/ AnyDVDHD, or something else. I made an image (1:1 copy) and mounted it w/ daemon tools lite. It seems fine but then it hangs on some loading screen after the 1st menu on the disc. Spinning Avenger's symbol. I can load the file individually but no 3d for some reason. 3d only worked so far directly off the original disc.

    My impression is that 3d backups for safe keeping are not possible unless you guys know something I do not.
  13. Ch3vr0n

    Ch3vr0n Translator nl

    That's what i thought until recently too. But the reality is different. I'm doing a couple tests at the moment and they are looking good. I hate to say it but so far dvdfab IQ capable of shrinking. I just shrunk a disc and only need to test the real3d stream on the disc in a TV store as i don't have a 3d setup. The catch with dvdfab is that instead of backing up to a disc or folder, you need to set the output to an ISO file and then it IS capable of shrinking a 3d disc. Hard to believe but true, my tests are looking good.

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  14. Adbear

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    At the time I wrote that back in May, DVDFab didn't do it either, so I was correct at the time I know DVDFab can do it now, but I don't like sending money their way due to their practise of ripping off others work and charging you for it
  15. Ch3vr0n

    Ch3vr0n Translator nl

    You're right, i didn't see the date. It didn't at that time. I don't like dvdfab much either and how they do things which is why i found lets call it an "alternate source" to get it. But if it will let me shrink bd3d's that won't stop me from using it.

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