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    Hi James/SamuriHL,
    Firstly, I just want to say AnyDvd HD is so cool and I have been using the software for 3 years. Your forum is also very informative.

    I would love to make a suggestion if I may, with the recent influx of protection in mind. Could a sticky be put up for the recent titles and what is needed to be on/off in AnyDVD HD to make a successful copy. This list could then be updated when a movie is successfully copied by forum users. The list headings could look like this for example:

    Movie Title| Region|Protection|Keep Protection On(Yes/No)|Use Speedmenu(Yes/No)|Correct Playlist|

    For e.g.:

    Three Musketeers, A, BD+, No, No, 437 or 691 (this is just an example).

    If theres any other vital info, it can be added. This way it will make it easier when looking through the forum for solutions.
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    Same answer as here:

    (please don't double-post)
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    That is the best answer. When there's a bug there really isn't a reason to panic and assume the world is coming to an end. Nothing special needs to be done for this situation other than patience. :)

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    Apologies for my ignorance!!! Patience is the key!!!

    AnyDVD rules!!! :rock:
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    Thaaat's what I want to hear... 8)
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