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    After spending half the morning trying to sign into this thing 'BITCOIN' :bang:
    we'll just wait till you have a 'normal discount-sale'

    While bitcoin might be a nice idea, it's a real pain in the butt! As a business, I don't see the benefits. It is difficult to use, even more difficult to buy, and it isn't real cash. It seems to work like a commodity - like the stock market. I would had used it for this purchase if I could had simply bought bitcoin.

    If the owners of slysoft did not know - in the US, a 'wire-transfer' is expensive.
    US banks charge an enormous fee to do this, 30% and up for the transaction.
    I know outside of the US it is different. Until bitcoin can be bought in a convenient manner [direct cash or bank account or CC], folks from the US will not use bitcoin.
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    Complicated but not difficult

    Digital currency is up and coming to eliminate card/bank hassle.

    We can recommend

    Initiate an order in the SlySoft system selecting Bitcoin as payment option to be eligible for the currently 40% Bitcoin Discount and write down the order amount in USD.
    At the end of the order process you will be asked to "pay at least 1.23456789 BTC to the address 1MaeC6vwHff3R4m9Px6j1C13aDKqoNeATE"

    Then go to and select Pay from "Cash Deposit" and Pay to "Bitcoin Address".

    You will also need to fill in the Bitcoin Address (the long string of numbers and characters starting with "1" from the SlySoft checkout page) and the amount in USD to pay. Use the USD amount from the SlySoft shopping cart -40% Bitcoin Discount + 10% to cover various fees and have an exchange rate fluctuation security margin.

    Then finish the process by printing your deposit slip and pay in cash.

    SlySoft can refund you whatever you've paid too much to any Bitcoin address fo your choosing.

    Or you could use the process above to fund your own Bitcoin wallet and then pay the exact amount from your wallet to SlySoft once you have
    Bitcoin funds.
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    BitCoin Feedback

    Ahh, pleased to see that it is not just me finding that BitCoin are such a pain.

    I have previously been 'encouraged' to set up an account with BitCoin to make an online purchase, but found it very expensive. I am also convinced that my account was never accurate and suspected that either someone was skimming off my balance or additional charges were being made.

    This is a really shifty process and one that I am cautious to use. Any other alternatives possble guys?
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    Thanks Frank. I have sent you a PM. Grateful for your advise. :bowdown:
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    non-availability of Bitcoin

    Hi Frank

    Like the other members on this thread I found the process mystifying and eventually discovered that the services offered on the website you were using as an example is not available in Australia. However Googling Bitcoin did provide an Australian link to a local company but this involved a 10% transaction fee plus a loss on the exchange rate for the actual Bitcoins. In addition to this the procedures involved the use of emails which I consider unsafe for financial matters. On top of all of this my bank which is Australia's largest bank, had not heard of Bitcoin. Is it possible for Slysoft to open an account in Australia which would allow Australian residents to make bank transfers directly to that account?
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    this is for people in the us
    you can use dwolla to transfer the money to a supported exchange (mtgox supports them) cheaply
    dwolla will bill your bank account using an instant transfer (like paypal deposits) for your deposit

    dwollas rates are extremely easy anything over $10 costs $0.25 to transfer
    everyhing below $10 is free

    to fund mt gox go here

    im supprised nobody has said anything about mining (making) your coins this is also for those in it for the long haul (only worthwile on ati cards, nvidia cant efficiently mine)
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