Blocked BD copy playback (Cinavia)

Discussion in 'High Definition Software' started by skypx, Jul 13, 2010.

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    But in both cases they're just update files so you still need an earlier version to update from.
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    Excellent. I was unsure whether or not PDVD had a version that could play 3D and had no cinavia.

    My last question is this: are there any other players out there (licensed or unlicensed) that have no cinavia and can play 3DBDs? I don't necessarily need these players right now, but it would be nice to know that, in any instance where PDVD 11 or TMT 5 (whichever version has no cinavia) become incompatible with Windows (do they work in Windows 8?) that I will have a go-to player for 3DBDs. I have Windows 7 right now.

    If there are none others right now, I hope that an unlicensed software media player comes out in the future that can play 3DBDs and have no cinavia and don't plan on having cinavia.
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    I don't know if this supports disc playback, but, it does work with 3D MKV backups apparently. It's been discussed on another forum a lot.

    I know nothing about it other than it supports 3D playback.
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    Has anybody considered that they may even start implementing Cinavia in the PC's audio chips, or even at the CPU level? How about in the Audio reciever?

    My point here: We need to have rip (or codec?) level Cinavia removal sooner rather then later.. If it does get cracked it may/will cause the movie industry to have to do updates and makes it very difficult for hardware/software manufacturers to keep up and they may get tired of it. Who knows they may start to manage movies just like audio files.

    For those of us just copying for back-up or playback from a HTPC, there should be a way for legally ripping and playback from a HTPC or Game console. Why not manage movies with DRM just like music CD's.. and actually make it easier for people to buy and download a high quality movies for playback from a HTPC rather than trying to kill it.. I would have no problem paying for and downloading high quality movies rather than ripping them myself! Even better, implement a MAC address level DRM system and put high quality MKV's or Mp4's on the BluRay!!

    Thus from my perspective, the root cause is actually the movie industry itself. the Music guys fixed it a long time ago and rather than fighting it the music industry is promoting downloads.
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    It was considered and dismissed almost immediately. Since all the receiver sees is the audio stream and not the source (disc, file, whatever), it is impossible for the receiver to know if the source is AACS protected or not. So the receiver would either have to:

    a) Assume all Cinavia sources are AACS protected and allow playback (including rips).
    b) Assume all Cinavia sources are not AACS protected and prevent playback (including original discs).

    Bottom line, a Cinavia aware device needs to also be an AACS aware device. If it is not AACS aware, implementing Cinavia on the device is futile. Cinavia detection is also part of a software routine. Standalones use software on a chip (firmware) and that is where Cinavia detection is implemented. PC chips do not have software on a chip, they store the software on the hard drive. This is why Cinavia is implemented in software players on the PC and not at a chip level. While it's conceivable that it could be implemented in the video/audio card drivers, you are right back to the AACS aware problem previously mentioned.
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    I've given up trying to convince people otherwise. They'll always have that "but if they do...." nonsense. They're convinced that Cinavia's the end of the world as we know it and that it's the beginning of Skynet. It doesn't matter what the technical details are of how it works....the evil people might improve it! Eventually, according to popular theory, you won't be able to buy a refrigerator or toaster that doesn't contain Cinavia. Whatever. I just ignore this nonsense now. If people want to learn how it really works, then they'll understand what it can and can't do. Otherwise they're just going to believe what they matter how many holes are poked into the theory. Yes, I'm cynical about Cinavia discussions these days...maybe that's because I've been involved in them since the beginning.
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    Yeah, I was bored this morning so I gave it one more shot.

    As for SkyNet, I'm still working out bugs in the neural transmitters so it won't be up and running this month, maybe February. ;)
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    I was playing one of the Hell Rider movies (the one with the Devil's child in it) and cinavia struck - as I expected. I stopped the movie and started playing it again and was able to play for quite some time until it struck again. I stopped the movie and started it again and, as the last time, was able to play for some time until Cinavia struck again.

    Sadly, restarting it that third time resulted in an immediate Cinavia detection and loss of audio. I thought I had inadvertantly stumbled onto a low tech solution. I figured I would pass on what happened in case those who are far more familiar with Cinavia than I am get a sudden epiphany from my bull in a china shop actions.

    This was done with TMT.
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  9. Ch3vr0n

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    there is what we call a "20 min grace period" before cinavia triggers. Cinavia is in most cases not instantly detected. Which is why after stopping you could play the movie again for a small amount of time till it triggered again.
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    I remember reading before on here a few years back about someone saying cinavia could be in every audio master tape this last few years and 1 day in the future a firmware update could trigger even more titles that we thought had no cinavia..seems plausible.i have seen graphs etc of what cinavia is supposed to look like in cinavia titles atm ie the analogue signal but do we even know if thats it? :confused: sorry for maybe going off topic..:p
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    Loopers, rented from Redbox

    Ok, this is my first experience with Cinavia: tonight I rented Loopers from redbox, and just a couple of minutes ago I got the "sound is temporarily muted" message. I'm watching with TMT Just quickly scanning these forums, I got the impression that this would affect copied content, not software players. Could this mean that the BD which I rented is an illegal copy?
  12. whurlston

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    No, Cinavia protection was activated by having AnyDVD running. It removed the protection on the disc on the fly so TMT sees it as an unauthorized disc (Cinavia signal and no AACS). Simply disable AnyDVD and the disc will play without the Cinavia message.
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    but I cannot play BDs without anydvdHD.
  14. SamuriHL

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    Then you need a different player. Simple as that.
  15. Ch3vr0n

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    Or try to find the lastest pre-cinavia build of TMT 5 being For legal reasons such links cannot be posted here. So you're on your own for that, but they do exist.
  16. kimnach

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    yes, upon further reading after my initial postings, i found that i had a an installation file for TMT and finished watching the movie.

    thanks to all.

  17. omegaman7

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    Interesting. I'm surprised something wasn't placed in the registry, to prevent rolling back. Or something to that effect.
  18. Ch3vr0n

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    Let's pray they never add such a thing either. Rolling back for any program can be critical in bug testing or anything else. Hell it's even proven useful in anydvd's case where a bug wasn't in one (beta) version and was in the next.
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    That's not gonna fly here without a specific link. Even though you probably didn't mean it, that's how all these silly rumors get started. For the most part we've managed to keep this Cinavia thread the cleanest (on the WHOLE INTERNETZ!!!) from such nonsense.
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    Yes, and nonsense it is. Indeed.