Blocked BD copy playback (Cinavia)

Discussion in 'High Definition Software' started by skypx, Jul 13, 2010.

  1. Ch3vr0n

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    Euhm yes there is, that's exactly what the current removal method does across the existing products. The only thing here is that you cant live with not having HD cinavia removed audio. Until someone develops an HD audio ENCODER (not a DECODER), that's never going to happen. Other than that a cinavia removed movie from anydvd + CloneBD plays just fine here on my multiple cinavia detecting players
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    Yes but without HD audio is useless so....
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    so YOU will never have a cinavia free backup. The rest of us will and are happy with AC3 5.1, you can't hear the difference anyway. So maybe you should start developing an HD encoder instead of constantly complaining the same thing over and over again across multiple topics?
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    I believe I never be ironic with you as you are with me now.

    And it's OK the ac3 5.1 sound but it isn't like dts.

    And you tell me with the combine anydvd HD + clonebd I can have any Blu-ray movie with ac3 5.1 sound and without cinavia protection and with full Blu-ray movie menus?
  5. Ch3vr0n

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    I'm not being ironic, i'm dead serious. I'd love cinavia removed HD audio, but someone needs to develop an encoder first

    The difference between AC3 and DTS is negligible
    and yes, you can. If you enable the cinavia removal feature in Anydvd and downscale the HD audio to AC3 on the last page in CloneBD. (works for full disc AND movie-only)
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    Has anyone looked at the guts of "DVD Ranger" ? There may be some insight lurking there, maybe not, I'm not a coder...Just a thought.:unsure:
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    Plenty of people have looked into that, conclusions all over the net.

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    I used CinEx HD with it's sound touch 2, while the movie sounded fine the beginning and ending music sounded like it would slow down then speed up. Your suppose to be able to download data bases to permanently remove the cinavia but I have tried that yet and in order to access them you must purchase the software. And just a warning if you give it a try, once you download one of there data bases to your computer you can no longer get your money back.

    What I did try that worked perfectly was purchasing and older model Samsung blu ray player made in 2011. No cinavia popping up any more!!
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    Does anyone have an updated list of movies (bluray) that have Cinavia? I know its a standard, but I can't read the small things on the back of my bluray movies...I tried ripping a couple like Jupiter Ascending, John Wick, etc. and playing them in PD15 and no message popped up...not AnyDVD HD running in background....I tried looking at DVDfabs list...but it stops around 2012...
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    CloneBD lets you preview the movie and with that you can tell if it has Cinavia in it or not.

    And, right now, you don't have to purchase CloneBD at this time if you don't want to. It is still in beta, so you can try it out and see if it will suit your needs.

    Good luck.