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    I've been trying to use this guide for weeks to convert a Blu-Ray movie to a single MKV file so I can get the file size down from 20-30GB to under 10. I know there are several more automated methods of doing this (including RipBot264 and BD Rebuilder), but MeGUI seems to give you the most control of the audio and video settings, as it lets you work directly with AviSynth scripts. This is the guide I am going by:

    It primarily involves the program MeGUI. I've been successful in encoding the video portion of the .m2ts file ripped using AnyDVD, but I keep getting errors when trying to encode the audio. It's driving me crazy, I don't know how to fix it. I have tried pointing MeGUI to the .m2ts file for the audio input as well as demuxing the audio to an ac3 file using tsMuxer and using that as the audio input. The main error I am getting is "Offset and length were out of bounds for the array or count is greater than the number of elements from index to the end of the source collection".

    I am using the latest versions of MeGUI, AviSynth, FFDShow and Haali Media Splitter. I'm encoding the audio using the Nero AAC: NDAAC-HE-MultiChannel-HQ-192Kbps preset and have downloaded the Nero AAC encoder with MeGUI pointing to the correct executable file. I have posted my error log from MeGUI below. Any help/suggestions/advice would be appreciated. Thanks!

    -[Information] Versions
    --[NoImage] MeGUI Version :
    --[NoImage] OS : Windows Vista Premium Edition x64 SP1 (6.0.65536.6001)
    --[NoImage] Framework used : 2.0 SP1 (2.0.50727.1434)
    -[Information] Hardware
    --[NoImage] CPU
    -[Error] Log for job8 (audio, 00047.track_4353.ac3 -> 00047.track_4353.mp4)
    --[Information] [3/22/2009 12:49:15 PM] Started handling job
    --[Information] [3/22/2009 12:49:15 PM] Preprocessing
    --[NoImage] Avisynth script
    ---[NoImage] NicAc3Source("P:\bd\00047.track_4353.ac3")
    ---[NoImage] Normalize()
    ---[NoImage] return last
    --[NoImage] Commandline used: -ignorelength -he -br 192000 -if - -of "{0}"
    --[Information] [3/22/2009 12:49:15 PM] Encoding started
    --[Information] [3/22/2009 12:49:16 PM] Encode thread started
    --[Information] [3/22/2009 12:49:16 PM] Avisynth script environment opened
    --[Information] [3/22/2009 12:49:16 PM] Script loaded
    --[Information] Output Decoder
    ---[NoImage] Channels: 6
    ---[NoImage] Bits per sample: 32
    ---[NoImage] Sample rate: 48000
    --[NoImage] Commandline: C:\Program Files (x86)\megui\tools\neroAacEnc\neroAacEnc.exe -ignorelength -he -br 192000 -if - -of "P:\bd\00047.track_4353.mp4"
    --[Information] [3/22/2009 12:49:16 PM] Encoder process started
    --[Error] An error occurred
    ---[NoImage] Exception message: Offset and length were out of bounds for the array or count is greater than the number of elements from index to the end of the source collection.
    ---[NoImage] Stacktrace
    ----[NoImage]    at System.IO.FileStream.Write(Byte[] array, Int32 offset, Int32 count)
    ----[NoImage]    at MeGUI.AviSynthAudioEncoder.encode()
    ---[NoImage] Inner exception: null
    --[Information] [3/22/2009 12:49:16 PM] Job completed