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  1. I downloaded the trial, and it wouldn't play a particular blu-ray. It needed to update something, but couldn't as it was only a trial. So I checked the AnyDVD HD page, and saw that the full version should allow me to "watch movies over digital display connection" (quoted from the software's page on SlySoft).

    So I bought it and now it downloaded the update fine. But I can't see any way to play the blu-ray; only rip it to my hard-drive. The blu-ray in question is rented; I do not own it, and I have no desire to fill my hard drive with an .iso file every time I want to watch a Blu-ray.

    The reason I bought AnyDVD HD in the first place was purely so I could watch blu-rays again, after my old PowerDVD 7.3 packed up. So now I seem to have 2 pieces of software that don't play Blu-rays! Any ideas, guys?

    If the AnyDVD HD software really doesn't play Blu-rays, then I would like my money back. I wanted software that plays movies, not rip movies.

    And any suggestions on where to get software that actually DOES play Blu-rays?
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    What you've found out is correct. AnyDVDHD does't actually play the movie, but allows you to play your movie over connections that haven't been artificially gimped by the studios such as a "digital display connection".

    To actually play the BluRay, you can use something like VLC (VideoLan) player that will actually play the Bluray. It's free and can be downloaded from here
  3. Yeah... Shame it was mis-advertised on the site. Or at least misleading. Hopefully I can get my money back ;/
  4. Just finished ripping a Blu-ray to .iso, but VLC won't play it. Tried mounting it with Daemon Tools, and still no go.
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    I beg your pardon

    If we intended AnyDVD to be a player we'd offer it as such. Considering it's not a "program" but a background driver it would be a pretty silly player, no?
    And since we offer a free trial-before-buy we do not refund.

    AnyDVDHD allows you to watch movies over a digital display connection, without HDCP-compliant graphics card and without HDCP-compliant display. No need to buy an expensive monitor.

    Where do you see there that it's a "player". It make it possible to do that!

    Further on in features and requirements you see clear references to "players".
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    And the error is ??

    You should be able to play a bluray without doing anything exotic like creating an ISO. What is the VLC player telling you? :confused:
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    Get the free virtual drive software Virtual Clone Drive, available for free from Slysoft. Daemon Tools has over time bloated up to be a real system hog.

    One thing I've noticed with the VLC player is that it (currently) has problems with playback if you enabled the speed menus option in AnyDVD HD. VCL skips past the annoying clips by default, DVDs and Blurays, and enabling AnyDVD's speed menus confuses the player.

    You don't need to create an ISO initially to see if things are working. Just insert the disc you want to watch, let AnyDVD decrypt the protections, and then watch. If it plays back from the disc the way you want it to then you can create the ISO for archival purposes.
  8. I'm only using Daemon Tools Lite, and I've never had problems with it, myself. And I didn't enable speedmenus, so I don't understand why VLC doesn't want to play it. There aren't any error's; it just instantly stops when I hit "play".

    I don't understand how to do this with AnyDVD, though. I put in the disc, and it does *something*-- is that when it decrypts it? Then how do I go about playing it from there?
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    Normally "play" is simple

    There is nothing exotic about playing a disc with AnyDVD running in the background "allowing" you to play with non-hdcp hardware (that's one if it's functions BTW).

    Use the "open disk" dialog in VLC to see if that makes a difference. Did you reboot after installing it? Closing immediately after selecting "play" tells me something is very wrong here and I can't place it, but the latest VLC should pick up the disc and play it without any black magic or mirrors thing.

    Let's see a log please.

    See point "2" here:

    and then let's see.
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    Providing a log file from the disc in question might go a long way to understanding why things are going wrong at your end, it could be a disc with problems. Read Info: How to Ask for Help for the steps to create and post a log file.
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    SPTD, a driver used by Daemon Tools, is known to slow down many optical-disc apps including AnyDVD. That's why it's almost always best to use VCD instead; VCD uses the same underlying drivers as AnyDVD.

    AnyDVD HD is primarily a driver that decrypts optical movie discs (DVD, BD, and HD DVD) on-the-fly; it does not play discs, and has only a rudimentary ripping app. The "watch movies over digital display connection" feature (i.e., playback without HDCP) is a byproduct of that decryption; most licensed software players do not require HDCP when playing unencrypted video, which is what AnyDVD HD presents to the player (or any other app). You still need a software player, whether licensed (TMT, PDVD, WinDVD, etc.) or unlicensed (VLC, etc.), to play the movie.
  12. The Adventures of Tin Tin: The Secret of the Unicorn
    Region: I can't find it on the back of the box
    Country: UK

    It plays fine with PowerDVD, but has problems in VLC.

    I open VLC once AnyDVD has readied the Blu-ray. I then click Media > Open Disc, select BluRay, and select the relevant drive. I then hit Play. The dialog closes, leaving me with a blank VLC window (just with the VLC cone showing). Nothing is playing. I press the Play button, and nothing happens. Sometimes the times on the left and right of the bar flickers with something, but reverts back to the dashes.

    Not sure how to get a VLC log?

    Thanks for your help thus far, by the way. I'm sorry if I was a little short yesterday, as I was in the thick of things, but your advice is appreciated.

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  13. Ah. I see. Thanks for clarifying.
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    I had PowerDVD 7.3. Came with my drive. It was garbage then and got progressively worse. Allowing it to update itself seemed to gradually reduce the number of discs it would actually play, whether or not I had AnyDVDHD running in the background.

    This past week I finally went with ARcsoft's Total Media Theater 5. Got it with a coupon code that saved me $30. Coupon code CSP38NAA51 valid until end of March 2012.

    I recommend removing all trace of the PowerDVD suite, then install TMT. It's an actual player. Seems to be the best one out there. Plays discs and images of discs very nicely. I have AnyDVDHD running in the background because with it removing the protection, there's no need for TMT to phone home to get the latest decryption keys. And Slysoft probably updates faster than ARCSoft when new stuff comes around.

    Best wishes!