Can't back up Downton Abbey S. 2 to HD

Discussion in 'AnyDVD' started by rmark, May 4, 2012.

  1. rmark

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    I've been trying to back up Season 1 of Downton Abbey to my HD. The box says it's the original UK edition but I assume it's NTSC, not PAL, since it's sold here in the U.S. I'm using ver. of AnyDVD. S. 1 is divided into 3 DVDs & the first one copied fine but the 2nd one stops with an error msg. a few min. into the process. This has happened several times now. I tried the method of switching to "default" but that didn't help. Here's the error msg.:

    FileIO 3 VTS_01_1.VOB 956256256 4096000

    Some of the digits change for each time I try to back up the DVD. Any advice greatly appreciated. I'll try cleaning the disc to see if that helps. I created a log file & it is attached. Thanks in advance.

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  2. FurryGuy

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    FileIO 3 generally points to a defective/damaged disc, and your log file indicates there are quite a few read errors. Exchange the disc.
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    Worked fine for me. No problems.
  4. rmark

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    Thank you for that info. I wouldn't've known as I can't read the log file properly. I'll see about getting it replaced.