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Discussion in 'Third Party Products' started by Thor, Jun 9, 2011.

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  1. Thor

    Thor Guest

    Let me say up front that I am sorry about being so firm in this message, but I am just so tired of repeating myself over and over again, because people are so "Pro-Slysoft", that they cannot seem to understand even the simplest of points and keep telling me I'm saying something other than what I'm saying and then ignoring what I actually do say. That means I'm not the one looking for the argument here.

    I just came made a point and asked for some info and maybe a link. Still, all I have gotten to this point, is people trying to defend Sly and no link and not one person responding to what I actually did say and yet, telling me how rude I am, even though they're the ones who keep having me repeat myself!

    So I ask that you PLEASE read this message CAREFULLY and do nto skim through it, okay?

    I didn't say it was "automatic". I said that I have never seen software do Blu-Ray and not DVD's. I also said that this would not be happening if it were not for the agreement Sly has with EB. You can be sure of that! If this truly is happening, then I guarantee it's a "non-compete" thing, for the easiest way to say it.

    As for AnyDVD, that is not a good example. Especially not for you, my friend. :)

    1) I never said that AnyDVD HD should have been a free upgrade. But AnyDVD HD users should be able to expect that it is backward compatible and handles DVD's as well. Especially since it is named, "AnyDVD". :)

    2) My example was about not owning one already and then buying. Using your example, what is happening now would be like SlySoft having made two versions and the HD version didn't do DVD's and you have to buy two separate versions because the original is actually donbe by another company. That would be EXACTLY IT!

    3) This is about it not having the functionality of backward compatibility (which is the issue for the user), BECAUSE OF an agreement they made with EB, which would most likely include them not being able to put out the same product, meaning that they can't put out one that does DVD's. It's not that it's a major job to make it do DVD's too. Programmers have been doing that for some time now. And I haven't run across any other company that has a Blu-Ray product, that does not also handle DVD's. I even provided links as an example.

    Look at it this way...

    Slysoft puts out burning software by making an agreement with Ashampoo for their burning software, which at the time, does DVD's. At the time, DVD's are the thing. But you don't buy it yet, so you own nothing.

    Later, Slysoft puts out their own burning software that can burn Blu-Ray discs and they tell you that you must pay twice and buy two burning packages, because theirs does not burn DVD's.

    Now are you going to tell me that it's normal for burning software that can burn Blu-Ray discs, NOT to be able to burn DVD's?!

    And are you going to tell me that didn't happen because of the agreement they have with Ashampoo for their DVD burning software?!

    And is that okay with you to pay twice, when every other burning software out there that burns Blu-Ray discs, also burns DVD's?!

    Of course you won't! And yet you're doing it about movie software and again, every other company...!!!

    I mean, what is it that you people think you're saying here?! You know what I'm saying is right!

    This is NOT about having the software and then demanding the other version free!

    This IS about not having any of it and objecting to having to buy two pieces of software to do the same thing with two different kinds of discs, when no other company makes a user do that and you know it has to be because of their agreement with a whole separate company! Wouldn't it be smarter not to come out with their own and just go with EB again for their Blu-Ray software, which I bet will do DVD's as well?! :)

    I'm sorry, but you won't convince me that's okay the way it is now (if indeed this is not just some crazy rumor) and I have the right to say it's not okay! And while people complain about it being in the forum, where else is it supposed to be?!

    And remember, YOU PEOPLE keep dragging me into repeating myself and you people keep acting like it's an okay thing and to top it all off, you act like software that works with both Blu-Ray and DVD is some sort of oddball rare beast! It isn't! It's the norm!

    And what I noticed, is that the same people who claim to know something about this upcoming software, that I keep asking for info on it from and for a link to some info about it, COMPLETELY IGNORE THAT REQUEST! They don't even say there isn't a link! They just ignore it!

    And don't say it's because I'm rude, because I wasn't and had asked nicely for it and I am just getting more and more rude in response now, because I'm getting tired of typing the same damn thing over and over again, because people want to pretend they don't get it! And you are not the guardian of Slysoft and I have the right to object to something and to vote with my feet when it comes to giving them any more of my money, even if you don't think so!

    Now I really don't want to argue about this any more. I really don't! And I'm not going to. I said what I have to say and if anyone has more INFO AND NOT ARGUMENTS, then please, pass it/them on. I would very much appreciate it.

    And with that, I'm done with this. If Slysoft pulls this crap, then I'm done with them, period and trust me, the people I run into will be as well, because they follow my recommendations. And it's not that this is such a huge deal with it being one piece of software, but the following remains true:

    1) It is Slysoft who is telling me this software that they have now is what I NEED if I want to avoid the problems I have had lately with DVD Shrink, because the disc encryption has changed.

    2) I use movie software A LOT!

    3) It makes me then have to wonder how many more times this type of thing will happen (if indeed it is happening now). I am not rich and these lifetime keys add up! I believe it to be bad business practice and I have the right to believe that.

    So for those three reasons, no, I am not making a mountain out of a mole hill.

    Anyway, like I said, if you have a link or something with some kind of official info on it (even just a SlySoft employee talking about it) and what it will and won't do, then please let me know. Otherwise, let's just let it drop here, okay?
  2. Adbear

    Adbear Well-Known Member

    And again you make the same statements about 'guaranteeing' things with nothing to back it up. Please stop posting about things when you have nothing to back up your statements. You're making sweeping statements about a future product not having something in it when no one except Slysoft actually know whether those features will be in it or not.
  3. Clams

    Clams Well-Known Member

    And on this point ALONE - you are patently wrong.


    (PS I'm NO FAN of Elby and CloneDVD)
  4. Thor

    Thor Guest

    If you have an example of that, I'm always open to being proved wrong and changing my viewpoint on something. Seriously.
  5. mmdavis

    mmdavis Well-Known Member

    BD Rebuilder and DVD Rebuilder are by the same author. These are free but the concept is the same...DVD Rebuilder is for DVDs, BD Rebuilder is for Blu-ray, they don't do both.

    1Click has a 1Click Copy and a 1Click Copy Pro for DVDs. They have a 1Click Blu-ray for Blu-ray. These are 3 different software by the same company (all are for pay) that don't do both.

    I am sure there are more. You wanted an example, here are two. One for free, one for pay.
  6. Thor

    Thor Guest

    Please understand that I write this response with no ill intent. I'm not being a wise guy here.

    With that being said...

    1Click still makes a product?! I thought they weren't doing anything new, since I hadn't seen a new version from them in years! I used to love their DVD ripper! In fact, I still use it on occasion. It's still the best one I had found as late as two years ago, even as old as it is and it is old!

    I did go look there and it isn't really fair to use them, since their BR is in beta and who knows what it will have when it's released. In fact, even their "download and use it for free while it's in beta" link doesn't work.

    As for Rebuilder, that is free, so you're right, that one doesn't count. :)

    Now I do understand what you're going for and I applaud the effort. But in truth, you haven't actually provided anything. We cannot even read what 1Click's BR product does and does not do. There is no info page for it. I was hoping it would be on the download page, but as I said, that link doesn't work.

    I would also kindly ask that you take notice of the fact that it seems as if you may have spent some time looking for such a thing. Did you run across a few others that did do it first?

    I ask, because what you provided was a free program and one that can't even be read up on.

    I just now went and looked at a few that I am familiar with off the top of my head.

    WinAVI's Blu-Ray Ripper does DVD's as well. And their converter/backup also does both.

    I did go and look at DVDFab's product and it does not mention working on DVD's, so it may not. I wrote to them. We'll see what they say. In fact, I wrote to two companies. I will let you know what they say, no matter what they say. You have my word.

    This is not so easy to determine, because remember, when they advertise their BR software, they may not put anything about DVD's in the ad. That's why I wrote to them. To be sure. And if it won't include it, then you have certainly made your point. Or I have made it for you. <lol>

    You do now have me curious since your statement and if I am wrong, then I am wrong. I just can't say that based on what you provided and I hope you understand why. Plus the experiences that I had, did include it.

    Thanks for taking the time and making the effort.
  7. mmdavis

    mmdavis Well-Known Member

    They do have a forum...and it is you didn't investigate too much.

    No, I have both of those programs so I didn't have to spend ANY time looking.
  8. Thor

    Thor Guest

    That was rude. If you want to fight, go fight with yourself.

    Okay, I believe you. :)
  9. DrinkLyeAndDie

    DrinkLyeAndDie Moderator (en)

    Thor, you came to this forum and pretty much right from the beginning got off on the wrong foot. You made negative comments about the software supported here, you disliked the fact that CloneBD might not support DVDs, and you have pretty much been negative about everything. You have made pretty large general statements. When people respond to you it shouldn't be much of a shock that they view you as being negative and the tone of their responses reflect it.

    With the above being said, mmdavis' response to you informing you that the 1-Click forum exists and is working wasn't rude. It was a completely factual statement. You felt it was rude. I would suggest looking back at what you have written in these forums, yourself, and look at it from the perspective of someone else. You might find some of it to be... rude.

    So, boys and girls, it's real simple... people can be civil, discuss things, and be nice or things will be dealt with differently and I suspect some people won't be happy. Consider this a gentle reminder. :policeman:
    Last edited: Jun 17, 2011
  10. Thor

    Thor Guest

    Let's not play with each other. "You didn't investigate too much" was rude and we both know that.

    As for my comments, go back and look at what I said at the beginning. I stated my opinion and people got defensive and made it personal, like I was attacking their mothers or something.

    I then tried three times to get it back on track and clear up what I was saying. That wasn't good enough either! You people simply refused to deal with what I actually said and had to make up your own versions!

    And if you think that's not true, logic dictates that when I have to write multiple messages telling people "that's not what I'm saying" and then spending another 20 minutes writing out ONCE AGAIN what I am saying, that what I just told you is correct.

    If you're telling me that no one can ever not like anything and we must all bow to the SlySoft gods, then I say you live in a different world than I do.

    Now you can be like them and pretend that means that I said that we should all attack them. Why not? That's exactly the type of thing that people have been doing with my statements, when what we both know it really means, is that people have a right to voice their opinion. And before you say that doesn't mean we get to attack them, again, I wasn't doing that. I was objecting to something. Again, don't add to my statements.

    It seems that one can be as rude as one wants, as long as they don't say anything is wrong. Then your insults will be praised as politeness and someone's "I don't like that" will be misrepresented as vulgar language.

    What no one here has done, is post their objection while quoting the exact words that I said that were out of line. Which exact sentence? Not someone's twisted version of it, but the sentence itself, directly quoted and why it is out of line. And when doing so, not by insults, but by a logical reasoning showing that it's out of line.

    No? Nobody? Okay then.

    Now, as to the forum, I don't go searching for forums just to look at a product and anyone who thinks you're supposed to register for forums for a product that isn't even out yet and you don't own, just to check up on what someone said about a product IS SNIFFING GLUE PEOPLE!!!

    Now you do whatever the Hell you want. Close the thread, suspend me, remove my account, I don't really give a damn. I don;t come into forums to be told I can't object to something the company is doing. And I was not rude to any person, unless it was in response to their rudeness.


    Now as for it being a separate product, as I said, I did some investigation and wrote to a couple of companies. The consensus from what I already had for dealings with companies on this type of product, was that they do it.

    However, when I wrote to other companies, they responded by telling me that it is a separate product, but a rebate would be given to those who bought the DVD product. So whether that means some or all of what they spent (probably some and not all), they do get something back, which is at least a gesture.

    But the fact remains that it is still a separate product with them. Their Blu-Ray product will copy a Blu-Ray to DVD, but it will not read DVD and work with them.

    So the bottom line is, that I stand corrected. They do not all do it as I thought and the other folks, whomever they were (I didn't write down names and don't really look at them), were correct when they said that was the case.

    I do think however, that a response in the vein of;

    "I think you're mistaken. I know of some products which make the Blu-Ray editions as separate products. Here's a couple right here <link>...".

    Instead, I had people arguing with me and me constantly telling them what I was saying and them constantly not caring what I was saying.

    But hey, I'm the bad guy. Next time I enter a thread, I'll remember to say 10 "Hale SlySoft's" before typing. :)

    Anyway, that's it for me. I see no point in continuing this and it would have been over a long time ago, had the response I typed above were given I mean really, would that have been that hard???

    I guess the answer is yes. :)
  11. Mr. Burns

    Mr. Burns Well-Known Member

    I love SlySoft's Thor!

    The powerful but arrogant warrior Thor is cast out of the fantastic realm of SlySoft and sent to live amongst humans on Earth, where he soon becomes one of their finest defenders. Life imitating art?

    Seriously, though, thanks for your wise words, oh mighty Thor!

    And no, I don't think you are arrogant in any way. Hopefully you shall return to avenge the SlySoft Gods and reclaim your place in these forums. :bowdown:
  12. Thor

    Thor Guest

    Hahahahaha! :)

    I would have done it sooner, but my wife hid my hammer because I was late for dinner last night and my armor is out being polished. :)
  13. Adbear

    Adbear Well-Known Member

    With regard to the Blu-ray side what people got defensive and annoyed about is you stated your opinion on assumptions not on actual facts, then proceeded to make long rants about it. On the one hand you ask for actual links and names to real products (which you got from some people), just because some are free or in beta doesn't make them any less a valid product. Some products stay in beta to get round licensing issues or because unlike others they aren't trying to rip you off by stealing other peoples free work.
    You then go off on one about Slysoft not including DVD authoring functions in a piece of software that hasn't been released yet and for which the final specs haven't been released and make huge assumptions that they aren't including the DVD side due to agreements with Elaborate bytes to which you have no proof and are not privy too. I'm not saying that the BD re-authoring package will have a DVD side,I just don't know and neither do you. I personally don't see why it should as I don't see why I should have to pay extra to get the DVD side which I'll never use. I also don't see why it's so hard to click on one icon for a dedicated DVD re-authoring package and a different one for a dedicated Blu-ray re-authoring package. They are completely different types of disc with regard to video and audio codecs and in the way that the disc and menu structures are created and to what can and can't be removed
  14. mike_r

    mike_r Moderator (de)

    Thor is a troll and has been excluded from the forum. His postings add no value to the user to user community. Forum membership is a privilege, not a right. If you need assistance with Slysoft products that you have purchased and own a licence, then please contact Slysoft support directly.
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