Captain Phillips subtitles not visible

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  1. DaveC

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    I tried ripping the DVD of Captain Phillips only to find that the subtitles (displayed on screen when the Somali pirates are speaking to each other in their native tongue) did not come through to the ripped version. I also tried ripping the Blu-Ray disc with the same result. Has anyone else had this problem?

    UPDATE: Installing the newest update for AnyDVD HD (version fixed the problem. The forced subtitles are now working. Thanks SlySoft!
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  2. Ch3vr0n

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    subtitles always come through. There are no seperate "subtitle files", anydvd rips as is and does not touch subs like that. The problem is your playback software or in case you converted to a mobile format, the converter
  3. ricoman

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    There are 2 English subtitle files on Captain Phillips, usually when there are 2, 1 is for the hearing impaired and the second is the forced subtiles (the one you want). I just choose both when you process your ripped file. It does not increase the size much. Make sure you have the subtitles turned on on your player, you might just have to pick the correct one.
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    The subtitles on the Blu-ray of Captain Phillips are the type where the forced subs are imbedded in the same track as the regular subs. I believe ClownBD is helpful for these type subtitle tracks.
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    Help ripping captain philips - i

    I'm a new-bee to the ripping and have spent countless dollars buying software that doesn't work or works but not for all dvd's. I tried ripping captain Philips using Make MKV, AOA DVD Ripper and Data Shrink Blue Ray Converter.

    Can someone tell me what the best software is to use on ripping captain Philips and other hard to rip dvd's.


  6. DaveC

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    I have had tremendous success with AntDVD HD from SlySoft. When you run into any issues ripping a DVD or BluRay disc, the problem is usually fixed with the next release of the software. Captain Phillips was the first DVD in forever that I can remember having problems with. Within two days of my reporting the problem, a new release of AnyDVD HD from SlySoft fixed the problem.
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    Good to hear
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    Don't ever say in this forum or any other that you are ripping something from Redbox. That is illegal. It is your disc that you bought and want to backup. Get it?
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    Captain Phillips is a tricky one.

    For some reason, to get forced subtitles of them speaking ???Somalian??? and have the movie not show English subtitles...

    I must turn off subtitles and make sure English 2 is entered for XBMC to play the movie correctly. If I change it to subtitles off and English 1, nothing shows up. You would think turning off subtitles would have no effect on what subtitle choice is (not) selected, but that's not the case for me.