Cinavia Protected Disks and Blu-ray Players (disks and players ONLY)

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    I am the author of that program.
    It doesn't convert/transcode to PCM, it does SPDIF conversion.
    The PS3 "thinks" its playing a PCM, but really its bitstreaming a DTS to the amp.
    Source code
    I can assure you it does work.

    This particular method may not be very useful for anydvd though, it only works on ps3 and requires an external DTS amp, otherwise you just get static.
    The same conversion can be applied to any codec such as AC3, but I have not coded that yet.
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    That's a very clever solution! Thanks for sharing that info with us. Much appreciated!
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    Very clever indeed!
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    They could ignore Cinavia on DVDs with a particular copy-protection and/or region-coding scheme (possibly CSS, but structual and/or bad-sector protection or even RCE is more likely), or perhaps if it's a pressed disc (DVD-ROM, not DVD+/-R/RW or DVD-RAM). Or they could just ignore Cinavia on DVDs period; it opens a loophole, but the huge installed base of Cinavia-free DVD players means it's there anyway.

    My argument was that the only truly valid reason for putting Cinavia on DVD audio tracks is to prevent them from being remuxed for use with BD video and/or converted to other formats like MKV. Even if all new DVD players became Cinavia-infected immediately, there's way too many Cinavia-free DVD players out there for it to ever be truly effective against DVD copying.
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    Could they? Read the AACS license agreement. ;)

    (EDIT: I am too lazy to do it myself)
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    No, Problem I could do that for you ;)
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    so will the following procedure work ?

    patching a mkv with DTS so Cinavia gets removed, then remux that clean DTS to an existing Blu Ray Structure m2ts. (Same Movie Of Course ;)

    how would one do that, I can give it a try and burn the result to test it on the PS3.
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    so is the patch only useable with dts. Cant use AC3 or such to work with the patch(*fingers crossed*):clap:
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    He said it could be done for AC3, as well. It just isn't...yet.
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    I've been following this thread from the beginning and I can't seem to piece together a stright answer as to what is affected by Cinavia protected discs.

    Does streamming a Cinavia procected file casue the protection to kick-in or only when its copied to a physical media and played back?

    The reason I ask is this has been my experience with the Cinavia protected copy of "The Other Guys" BD;

    I ripped and copied the resulting M2TS file to my WHS server and streamed it via my PS3and no Cinavia msg. (Clown BD used)

    I took the same file and created a BD-RE, shortly into the movie 20-30 minutes the Cinavia msg showed up and muted my audio.

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    When streaming to the PS3 you can't stream HD audio, so that may be why it doesn't kick in
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    I don't buy it cause I made a test MP4 with avc video and 2 channel aac audio and it detected it in that when streaming. So I don't know what the "rules" are for it. Apparently if S/PDIF is enabled in addition to HDMI out then it doesn't detect it but you also only get core audio. Who knows. The PS3's implementation of Cinavia detection is pretty whacked if you ask me.
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    I have been watching the list of Cinavia free players, but can't find it recently. Is there a link that I could put shortcut on desktop? I have a Samsung BD-C6900 and haven't seen it on the list so far. I have been able to play anything I put in it with no problems. I know that when I hooked it up for wireless access to the internet, that I will get upgrade notices. I have ignored them so far because of having no problems. Is the Cinavia something that Samsung could put into an upgrade that would be DL onto my Blu-ray player, or have I just been lucky so far, not running into a protected disc?
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    according to a thread i found elsewhere the Samsung BD-C6900 is cinavia free up untill firmware version firmware BSP-C6900WWB-1018.1. Never versions are unknown.

    Yes cinavia is something that can be put into a firmware update, possibly onto a disc too but there are no indications to that 2nd one.

    Another protected player to add to the list is the LG BDP550 (firmware: 8.31.283.C)
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    Here is another confirmed player WITHOUT cinavia to add to the first post: The Pioneer BDP-51FD and BDP-05FD with latest firmware v1.70...played The Losers BD-R test disc all the way through with no sign of cinavia.
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    PowerDVD 10 Ultra 3D build 2429 is Cinavia free. Been playing Resident Evil Afterlife with AnyDVD enabled for about 30 minutes now and no Cinavia messages. The patch was just released today.
  17. Ch3vr0n

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    Movie list needs to be updated Salt & The Karate Kid region B (belgium) contain cinavia
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    I don't believe there is such a player, do you mean the LG BD550? If so update to the latest firmware, firmwares 300.C and newer don't contain cinavia, they removed cinavia, presumably due to false detections or customer backlash.
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    Quite frankly, this is going to get monotonous to put ALL the players and firmware versions that DON'T contain Cinavia considering so far there's only what, 3 that actually DO? I'd personally rather just list what is confirmed to HAVE it with the understanding that anything NOT listed doesn't. To me adding the players that don't support it is like adding the BD titles that don't have it. Not very useful. The ones that DO, however, are the ones that can be avoided and is more useful info IMO. Thoughts on this? hajj_3 especially I'd like your opinion since this is your thread.