Cinavia Protected Disks and Blu-ray Players (disks and players ONLY)

Discussion in 'High Definition Hardware' started by hajj_3, Jul 28, 2010.

  1. SamuriHL

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    What pioneer player? And what firmware version? Also, did you try playing the backup on your PC at all? WMP or VLC or some other free player will be able to test it.
  2. dirio49

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    Did you copy the AACS folder too?
    In your test.
    This was a 1:1 right. Nothing was changed.
  3. SamuriHL

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    Wouldn't make any difference at all. The AACS folder is only required for Cinavia players and will trigger the Cinavia error whether it's there or not on a backup.
  4. europeman

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    can this be overcome

    If it can be slysoft has proven to the entity to do it
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  5. blix70

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    We got the Cinavia message while playing on the PS3. We then tried it on the X-box 360 and we were able to watch it. This is the first movie of over 1800 that we have seen this issue.
  6. Nexgen76

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    VIZIO VBR120 Cinavia ?

    Do anyone know if this player contain Cinavia? for the price it look like a good BD player without that crap in it..Thanks.
  7. Frank

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    Right you are

    Got a ticket in confirming this on PS3.

    Added this as a DVD to the list.

    We should maybe now condense this thread for this DVD "TAKERS" and remove the elements.
  8. tandrade4

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    I copied Takers again and tried it on my PS3 and I got the same message Cinavia. But in my Pioneer DVD player it was ok, so maybe the first disc was defective. I played the movie on my computer it was ok as well so it is just my PS3 that has this crap. If anyone knows how to take it off or remove it off my PS3 please advice. This is the first time I have had this problem, and I have a lot of backups.
  9. Ch3vr0n

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    The disc isnt defected. Takers is INFECTED with cinavia, its the first commercial dvd of its kind that has cinavia.

    CHELSKI Member

    Sorry if this post is in the wrong thread - I'm a newbie, but does anyone know if the Sony BDV E370 5.1 (uk) System has this Cinavia thing?
  11. cardzetc

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    Cinavia protected disc and Players updated list

    Can I ask or make a suggestion. When all the updated info is put into the list of Cinavia equiped disc and players, can a link to that updated list be put into some of the responses that are put up on the forum. This way seekers of that info don't need to search as long to find the updated list, and probably save some un-needed questions or ask more accurate questions. Either way, it would make things easier, what do you think?
  12. HatchetMan

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    Salt and Takers too, f/w 008 for Sony BDP-S360 does NOT appear to be infected w/ Cinavia
  13. sacflies

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    I ripped my copy of The Social Network to hard drive and was trying to play it on a WD TV version 2 with an older firmware and even it would not play the rip. After about 5 minutes it stopped playing and I got a black screen with "Invalid Format" dancing across the screen. Funny that an older WD TV would not even play it. Could it be my new LG LD400 32in HDTV is the culprit here? Have there been any reports of TV's having cinavia on them? Because the message I got ("Invalid Format") was from my TV, not the WD TV. Curious.
  14. SamuriHL

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    Not a Cinavia error. It just didn't like your rip.
  15. freshbrains

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    I posted this in the other thread as well.

    I had this happen before with wdtv go back into the hard drive that you store you mkvs and delete the wdtv folder and hook it back up it might take a minute for the wdtv to index everything again but it should work for you. mine did that once but it was with every movie. hope this helps
  16. btufail

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    Just out of curiosity! Has anyone confirmed that 1st generation players that are cinavia-free can or cannot force cinavia via firmware. Or is it a hardware issue? Because I plan on purchasing another player similar to my sony that's cinavia-free as a backup.
  17. Adbear

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    You can't confirm it until they release a firmware with cinavia on for those players
  18. btufail

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    I was under the impression that cinavia was a hardware type of implementation. I thought older players couldn't be effected.
  19. SamuriHL

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    It's not LIKELY that a firmware update can add Cinavia support to older players, but, it's not completely impossible, either. I wouldn't worry too much, though. It's not like very many CURRENT players even have it.
  20. HatchetMan

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    and now Burlesque