Cinavia Protected Disks and Blu-ray Players (disks and players ONLY)

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    It's not known for certain, but probably not. The player has to constantly be looking for a watermark present in the decoded audio, and that takes processing power. The general consensus so far is that Cinavia is probably too much to implement reliably on most older players.

    But it's all best guess so far.
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    where's your proof ?


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    Just for the record, i wasnt saying you werent correct. However stating a disc has cinavia does need some kind of "proof" (image) to verify ;)
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    cinavia ylod

    It may just be a big coincidence... but i played "takers"dvd on my ps3 not knowing about cinavia and got the muted audio popup and i retried to play it a coulple times before googling cinavia and low and behold my ps3 died with the yellow light of death 2 hours later...pretty shady if you ask me
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    budd420, I think ya been smokin' to many of them real buds..your PS3 poppin' a top after playing a Cinavia protected disc. I think not!!

    The aluminum foil hats with antennas is on another forum:aiee:
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    some propaganda story lol. By the looks of it, they look like they got payed to write that crap story. "Universal solution lol", yeah till they patch the bdmv-rec loophole.


    The bottom of the page says: SOURCE Fengtao Software, Inc.

    So yep it means Fengtao wrote it.

    Tells me they market briskly no matter the truth. ;)
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    Well, let's be fair. There is SOME truth in the article. Their solution DOES allow the PS3 to play those, today. Whether or not that changes, that's anyone's guess. If I were a betting man, I'd say Verance learned from the BD+ situation in that they know it's going to have to evolve. This isn't some "static" protection that once you defeat it with a glaring loophole in the implementation that it's permanently defeated. Nowhere does it state that they REMOVED Cinavia from the backup. As such, that seems bad to me. ;)
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    This appears to be a fake web site. The article directly copies and pastes text from the Wikipedia article. Fengtao software also just sent out e-mails to customers that did the same thing.

    In recent years I have seen this sort of thing with all sorts of companies, products, and services. Some website that looks like an aggregate review site or news site is set up, complete with what looks like links to all sorts of products, services, and news stories. But the main point of the site is to advertise and promote one specific product or service. For example, the site may pretend to be a Consumer Reports styled review site, then will have an article that "rates" a product (the one being advertised) along with 10 or 20 others, with the advertised one being the number one rated product. This article is the one that gets linked in Internet search engine results.

    I suspect these sites are probably set up by some organization (probably Chinese, Russian, or Indian) for a fee.

    They are deceptive, insult the intelligence of customers, and are something that usually is only done by unprofessional companies trying to con their target market (by trying to sell some sort of cheaply produced "white van" type of product).

    This is an extremely poor move by Fengtao software.

    However, you never know. This is the Internet. Perhaps someone set it up on purpose without Fengtao's permission in order to try to make them look bad! :p
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    Don't worry I heard rumors ps3 firmware 3.56 disable the feature.

    I will try to find article or make back up copy and play on my ps3 which has 3.56 firmware to see what happens.
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    I actually wondered about that but I haven't posted about my curiosity. I don't have....that try it so I was waiting for someone to post on doom9 crying that it no longer works. :D Somehow I think we'd have seen posts about it by now if that were the case, so, I'm doubtful it's been blocked in 3.56.
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    So? How does that have anything to do with Cinavia detection? I know people theorize that since the PS3 is jailbroken that you could replace the PS3's bd player software with an older version that doesn't contain the detection routine, but, that's yet to be done afaik, and even then isn't a good solution considering they do actual compatibility updates from time to time.
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    can confirm that it's not disabled

    i have firmware 3.56 and can confirm that cinavia is still active . last night tried to watch resident evil afterlife and after 20 min up came the error message. when i stream it from my computer with ps3 media server it does not come up. also has anyone tried taking the main movie and converting it to a m2ts file and see if this works. i have done it with the mkv and can confirm that it does. but you have to convert the audio to ac3
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    Yea, we didn't think it'd be removed. We were wondering if the infamous "solution" that was implemented by a competing software still worked on the 3.56 firmware. That being using the BD recordable standard which contains AACS encrption on the backup.