Cinavia Protected Disks and Blu-ray Players (disks and players ONLY)

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    Further to last post

    This is what Corel say re "Update"

    To our valued InterVideo WinDVD Customers,

    Today Corel Corporation is releasing an important new security update for InterVideo WinDVD. Corel has taken this step in response to recent reports that hackers have illegally obtained certain software licensing keys and have used them to duplicate copyrighted content without prior authorization. Corel takes this situation very seriously and has been working closely with its OEM partners and AACS LA to ensure it takes the steps necessary to prevent copyright infringement from happening in the future.

    By downloading Corel’s free update, you will be able to continue to enjoy the latest BD content, while ensuring that copyrighted materials are properly protected.

    Please be aware that failure to apply the update will result in AACS-protected BD playback being disabled.

    You will require the update if you are using the following BD versions of WinDVD:

    •InterVideo WinDVD BD for VAIO Ver. or former versions
    •InterVideo WinDVD BD for VAIO Ver. Ver.

    This update includes security enhancements as well as updated licensing keys that will be required to view both newly purchased BD titles and those in your existing BD collections. You will need to download the update in order to continue to use the BD playback function.

    Please visit the following URL for further details on how to download the free WinDVD update.

    We thank you for your cooperation, continued loyalty, and support.
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    rotty_dog, Will be interesting how that plays out if it's a Cinavia update to a software player. But I didn't see "Cinavia" mentioned in your post. Maybe Corel is just protecting their own software from pirates?
    It does have that 'cinavia smell' though ;)

    Anyway, it is a lot easier to fix the cinavia problem with software players than it is hardware players. i.e. just ignore it. The only way Cinavia could completely take over and control everything is to have complete control of the hardware too, such as in Iphone and Ipad Apple products. and of course, Sony products :)
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    Pioneer BDP-LX55 latest firmware ver 3.11 (12 Mar 2012) will incorporate cinavia detection

    Some extracts as below

    this upgrade includes Cinavia content protection technology check the addendum for more information

    Ver 3.11
    Improves PQLS compatibility with Pioneer AV receivers
    Performance improvement
    Enables new specifications -> About Cinavia technology
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    i'm stuck with blu-ray playback on my pc. the player software that came with the machine no longer works right, despite efforts to reinstall the package properly, it fails to playback blu-ray's or dvd's (hp mediasmart dvd).

    so i need to get blu-ray playback software, i'm wondering how up-to-date the info in the first post is ? i'm guessing if i go snag the latest powerdvd or mediatheater that it will have cinavia detection built-in ....

    anyone have any suggestions ? i don't want any cinavia detecting software on my machine, i have a large library of movies i've created from disc and some have the watermark, can't play them on my ps3, i don't want to run into this scenario on my pc.
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    I don't believe TMT5 currently recognizes cinavia. But I don't know that for certain...
  6. zero7404

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    thanks, i think i want to go for powerdvd 10, i found it at a decent price online, but i want to be sure it doesn't have cinavia detection. it's Powerdvd 10 Ultra 3D Mark II ....

    can someone confirm please ?
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    Be aware that Cyberlink is not likely to support PDVD10 going forward. That means that if a disc compatibility issue happens in the future, you may be screwed. Currently, NONE of the software players support Cinavia. That very well could change, and probably will, at any time. My personal advice is if you're going to be stuck with a player that can't be updated, get a modern one now, and skip the first update that introduces Cinavia. And backup your installers so that if you do accidentally take an update that introduces Cinavia you can go back. My personal recommendation is TMT5, but, PDVD is a capable player, as well. You can bet that once Cinavia is added to a software player, you'll hear about it rather quickly.
  8. zero7404

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    Samuri, thanks for the advice. so then this means that even the latest by arcsoft and cyberlink do not have cinavia detection as of yet, is that true ? i'd rather spring for the latest player software than something older.

    i would also assume that if cinavia were introduced into an update, turning off anydvd would allow playback of the disc since there's no circumvention of the protection when anydvd is running ....
  9. SamuriHL

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    All of this is correct, yes. Currently, PDVD12 and TMT5 do not contain Cinavia detection routines. That's not to say they won't be updated to get Cinavia, but, if you buy now, you will have a version that is Cinavia free. Again, BACKUP that installer! :)

    And yes, disabling AnyDVD would allow an original disc with Cinavia on it to play in a software player with Cinavia detection routines.
  10. zero7404

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    thanks again ... one thing ive been wondering ... if i buy a software player today, will every bd i get play fine, i.e., does the aacs scheme require updates to software/firmware to provide updated key data for protected disc playback ?

    thats one thing i wasnt certain about ...

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    Officially licensed software Blu-Ray players (ie WinDVD, PowerDVD, Arcsoft, etc) must be updated on a schedule in order to handle playback of Blu-Ray discs. When I say this I mean that the AACS key used by the player, itself, needs to be updated something like every 12 to 18 months. If you don't update then you can't play discs without using something like AnyDVD HD to remove the AACS thereby making the AACS update unnecessary.
  12. SamuriHL

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    Right, so, going back to what we said earlier....if you keep a copy of the non-updated version around, the one that doesn't contain Cinavia, use it with AnyDVD to remove the protections and it shouldn't need to be updated. If you plan to keep an updated version, then, as we said, with Cinavia discs just disable AnyDVD.
  13. zero7404

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    thats what i suspected happens with blu-rays ... the industry loves it, but on the consumer end, those like us will be forced to continue using software to defeat protection schemes in order to make digital media or backup copies of our movies.

    i dont like this dependency on updates to be able to play a movie disc. its become a locked down ecosystem controlled by the blu-ray disc association.

    for now im good to go, once i install my blu-ray software, ill do another image backup of my drive to capture my system the way it is ...

    thanks again guys for the advice ....

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    my brandnew PANASONIC DMP-BDT220 comes with a cinavia warning in the user manual.
  15. zero7404

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    i didn't do all my research, and bought powerdvd 12 standard. no blu-ray support with that program :(

    so i am requesting a refund, hopefully they will give it to me without a fuss. in the meatime, i poked around a bit. i have an envy 17 and it came with mediasmart (essentially powerdvd9 and some other cyberlink tools). so in searching for how to reinstall the software i stumbled on an HP-authorized download of powerdvd 10.

    dl'd, installed and it indeed works, with the latest bd's i have, so i'm happy. it also supports bdxl, so in the future if movies are put out on bdxl discs, i should be able to play them.
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    I'm running a PS3 with the latest firmware. I use AnyDVDHD, bdrebuilder and imgburn for backups. Ive backed up TinTin and played it fine. Backed up Drive and got the error. Both are listed on the wiki as being Cinavia protected. Weird that I had no issues with TinTin.
  17. SamuriHL

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    What is the country of origin of both discs?
  18. dyne

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    The United States.
  19. SamuriHL

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    Do they have the cinavia logo on the back cover?
  20. dyne

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    TinTin does not. I suppose the wiki is incorrect?