Cinavia Protected Disks and Blu-ray Players (disks and players ONLY)

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    Possibly. Or it's referring to a disc in another region. Thanks for the info.
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    So putting the cinavia logo on the case/slip could be up to the production company? E.g. $ony does put the logo on their slips. Perhaps paramount does not?
    What's interesting, is $ony has their name all over "The Adventures of Tintin"(IMDB.COM), and yet I can't see it on the cover. I do however see paramounts logo. Perhaps Paramount elected to not have it on the cover?

    The real question is, does the "Adventures of Tintin" REALLY have cinavia protection on it?
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    What lanuguage tracks did you keep? On some disc the cinavia is only on the main HD audio track so if you use a different language it may not contain cinavia
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    To my knowledge paramount has not used cinavia on any of their releases. Sony and Warner bros parentheses only ones I'm aware of so far.

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    Samsung blueray BD-D5300 Player Firmware


    Updated firmware last night and watched "the vow" 9 my girl wanted to not me lol. Here is how I got it working.

    I tried reverting firmware back to older version with no luck. It just wont update via USB.
    Got the old firmware from:
    I think this will work if someone knows how to roll back the firmware using this. I compared files with samsungs current firmware so the link seems valid.

    What did work was going to >>settings>>audio and changed it from PCM to the next one down on the drop box.

    Hope this helps. If anyone can get the old firmware loaded please update thread so we can all do it :)
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    I kept the main English DTS (or whatever the best audio is for that particular movie) track.
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    I'm looking for a good 3D Blu-ray Player with no Cinavia and also supports HD Audio via 1 HDMI cable while 3D playback is enabled (Samsungs have a problem with HD audio while playing back 3D)...I have gone through the list at the front of the page but can't settle on a model...Oppo are a little out of my price range. Any suggestions?
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    I was actually wondering as well. I wouldn't mind springing for an Oppo as long as I knew they'd stay fan friendly with their firmware being a 'niche' company and all but $500 is an awful lot.
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    Yeah, I don't need a top of the line requirements are 3D with HD Audio playback via 1 HDMI cable and Cinavia Free.
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    I have a LG BD 550 and it plays 3D with HD audio just fine for me.
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    do you have the latest firmware and no cinavia?
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    It says the 550 doesn't support 3D....
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    Seems the wiki page has been severely edited recently.
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    So by the lack of suggestions I take it that said players just don't exist anymore? 3D (HD Audio through 1 HDMI) and Cinavia free (and aren't a unreasonable amount of money...Oppo)?
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    Thanks. I think it would be wise to avoid evil Sony going forward.
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    Cinavia Movie list

    Do anybody know if they took down the cinavia movies list cause the usually have a updated list on wikipedia?
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    They were asking for financial support to contimue the service, perhaps it is to force the point. Could be other reasons of course.
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    People have a right to know what they're buying. So if Wiki was asked to take the list down, that's very underhanded! But, I don't know...