Cinavia Protected Disks and Blu-ray Players (disks and players ONLY)

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    And fortunately, since they list that database by title which shows what titles have Cinavia protection. Definitely a downer for the product though since it appears that each database needs to be individually loaded to flush Cinavia from a title.

    I wasn't trying to make any points in favor of or against any products - just point out that a comprehensive list is available for those who want to know if they could be dealing with Cinavia in their back-up (without running CloneBD to find out). Although CloneBD may detect Cinavia, it doesn't remove it (yet).
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    The product in question has been discussed ad nausium. It uses a database for each title to remove Cinavia. In the process, the audio is downgraded to a lower quality DD track. That might be acceptable to some. It's not acceptable to me. As for titles using Cinavia, that's easier than looking at a list. "Does it say Sony on it?" If yes, then Cinavia probability == high. If no, Cinavia probability == low. <-- NOTE: low != zero. Warner Brothers has used it before, as an example, on The Losers. However, wide adoption outside of Sony titles has not occurred.
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    Sorry to get off-topic here since this thread isn't really about Cinavia removal.

    I'm aware that the old product degrades audio and has been discussed thoroughly, but if you visit the CinEx HD site, you'll see they're advertising a new version and claiming excellent audio quality in the processed movie. I, for one, would like to know if that claim is true if anyone out there has tried the new version.

    As for titles, Disney/BuenaVista can be added to Sony and Warner titles, and if you list the several studios under Sony (Tri-star, Screen Gems, etc.), the list grows. Simply saying "Sony or Warner Bros" might well become insufficient. It still would be nice to see a comprehensive, updated list of titles. That's not presented here.
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    I joined just to confirm that my Sony BDP-S570 with the latest firmware M04.R.789, does NOT have Cinavia. I have tested several backups with known Cinavia without issue.
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    It does not keep HD audio. What they consider "excellent audio quality" is 5.1 AC3 audio.
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    Thank's for that information. It makes sense, since they would have to process all the audio track files to remove the encoded Cinavia information from each, and that would be a considerable task (and involve some significant software processing time). Do you know if any audio artifacts are introduced into the AC3 track or are they doing a good job at the removal in that track?

    At least someone is making a little progress on the Cinavia issue and that may lead to better solutions down the line. Breaking Cinavia is a key step to insuring it won't be adopted by other film studios since it's high licensing price might not be worth it if becomes less effective.
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    Could not tell you about the quality of the output of that product. I have zero intention of ever using it as I don't consider AC3 audio viable.
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    No Cinavia in Sony BDP BX37

    I can confirm that the bx37 Sony player DOES NOT contain the Cinavia code. I've played numerous ANYHD rips with no problems. I still see them on Ebay for sale once in a while. It's using firmware update M03.R.794 which I think came out last year. Sony released another patch this past January, M03.R.804 which makes no mention of adding Cinavia while other recently released patches specifically do (BX38/BX58).

    Can anyone confirm that the new update is Cinavia free? Since Sony is patching the other players and the bx37 was licensed back in 2010, I'm wondering if the required chips aren't in the players and they can't be updated with the code. They still make updates for online services and apps.

    Thanks for any info.
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    Sony BDP-S370 Cinavia Free M03.R.694

    2010 Sony BDP-S370 purchased new and unused from Has Firmware Version: "M03.R.694" that it shipped with new. The player is NOT detecting the Cinavia Watermark. This has been confirmed with 18 Cinavia BD Backups made with AnyDVD HD and Aiseesoft Blu-ray Copy (BD-25 & BD-50 copies: clone, full disc, movie only, DTS-MA 5.1, etc.).

    So spec'd, the BDP-S370 with M03.R.694 is also playing new releases from Redbox fine ( Hunger Games MJ, Fury, Foxcatcher, Dracula Untold, etc.). As such, I won't be allowing the BDP-S370 to Firmware Update.

    The Player list shows Sony BDP-S370 firmware M03.R.315 and older; But my BDP-S370 firmware M03.R.694 is also cinavia free.:)

    There are still a few BDP-S370s available on Amazon in case anyone is interested; just ask the vendor to verify the units firmware version.
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    Sharing blu-ray player information that I have tested & verified is free of cinavia:
    Sony BDP-S350 & BDP-S550 (firmware version 0026).
    Sony BDP-S1000es (firmware version 014).
    Panasonic DMP-BD55 (firmware version 2.4). One can safely assume firmware 2.4 for the BD35 is also clean.
    Panasonic DMP-BD65 (firmware version 1.64). One can safely assume firmware 1.64 for the BD655 is also clean.
    Panasonic DMP-BD85 (firmware version 1.62). One can safely assume firmware 1.64 for the BD85 is also clean.
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    Duh the bd85 is clean, that's a 2010 model released in March. Meaning it was licensed end 2009 or early 2010. 2 years before cinavia became mandatory. Even if the firmware were to get an update to do it, it lacks the needed hardware. I'm running 1.76 for the EU model. It's clean. There hasn't been a firmware update it years.

    Nice thread necro BTW :p

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    re: Panasonic DMP-BD65 & 85:
    Yes - I also expect these models will always be clean, but I tread carefully anyway.
    1.64 came out recently (Sept. 2015 as I recall) for these USA models, which is why I tested and posted. "duh" in your comment isn't helpful, informative or constructive.
    Panasonic ignores questions concerning cinavia in firmware updates.
    Sony still seems to be indicating the inclusion of cinavia in their firmware version descriptions.
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    Thank you for reporting this info, Rich86.

    I also was surprised to see the normally highly patient and respectful Ch3vr0n issue a sarcastic "duh" jab.

    I can mention that the Panasonic DMP-BD75P-K also is Cinavia-free due to its hardware vintage, so it fits in your list, too.
    This is true despite its manufacture in Sep 2011. It's in storage at present, so I cannot check the firmware version.

    As for your "necro-threading," Ch3vr0n's comment there also confuses me. The Slysoft forum, as with most forums, asks its members to take measures to assure their topic has not already been established before launching a new thread. If you had started a new topic with this established topic, the Slysoft glitterati probably would have chastised you for doing so!
    So I view your post as respecting that rule, and I'm glad you added *to* this thread as I follow it and was alerted to your new info.
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    gilmore1 - yes - it seemed to me that this thread has ongoing value & seemed like the best place to share my most recent firmware testing results.
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    1.64 details only say
    • Blu-ray Disc™ playability
    • VIERA CAST stability
    That said, as i previously stated even with that recent firmware update. It was licensed before the mandatory implementation date and it lacks the hardware to do it. Even if they added detection in the firmware, it couldn't find the signal if your life depended on it.
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    Thanks for posting the information, Rich86. Some people who are less knowledgeable may find it useful.

    No need to debate any of this.
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