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    Hi SlySoft Team, 1st- Thank you for all your hard work you do with your products! I'm a lifetime member/user and I love your products but I now have a question.. Do you or will you have an update fix for ANYDVD-HD to remove the Cinavia protection that has just erupted? I came across the DVDFab site and they claim to have a fix on there program, I use the PS3 BlueRay Player to watch my copies. this is a copy and past from there site. Thanks again...

    DVDFab is now out with Cinavia Solutions.

    DVDFab, the famous multi-media software brand famous for its DVDFab Products, has now declared the release of the newly updated version DVDFab This new version mainly deal with the Blu-ray playback issues on PS3. DVDFab is the world's first multi-media software that provides solutions on Cinavia Protected blu-ray playback issues on PS3.

    Now let's get down to the new features:

    New: Updated language files.
    New: Some minor changes and improvements.

    Blu-ray Copy:

    New: Added support to copy Cinavia protected Blu-ray disc for playing on PS3.
    New: Added option "Create Protected Disc (BDMV-REC) to disable Cinavia" in "Full Disc" and "Main Movie" mode

    Blu-ray 3D Ripper

    New: Improved multi-thread MVC decoder performance.

    Cinavia is the latest new protection for movies from theaters and disc releases in DVD & Blu-ray, aiming to limit the use of copies of movies, television shows, and other professionally produced videos. It will cause some trouble when you want to backup some of your Blu-ray or DVDs for storage. Your copied Disc may not be played normally on PS3. DVDFab will have this problem solved by creating Protected Disc (BDWV-REC). This disc will get rid of Cinavia protections, and your backup discs can be played nomally on your devices.
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    DVDFab has offered its workaround for some time now. Old news. In the end, it doesn't actually remove Cinavia. Instead it plays games and works around the detection and enforcement of Cinavia as it is currently implemented in the PS3 and possibly the few other players that enforce it. It is completely possible that a firmware update could break DVDFab's "solution". Whether or not Sony will do this has yet to be seen.

    It's unlikely AnyDVD HD will ever remove Cinavia. The job of removal - when it is tackled - will most likely be part of CloneBD due to the nature of protection.
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    I don't make blueray copies just the regular dvd movie copies, so if a fix is made then I guess I'm out of luck since I wouldn't need clonebd, is this correct to assume?
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    dashhappy Well-Known Member

    see my message please
  5. DrinkLyeAndDie

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    You raise a good point and I don't have an answer for you. I hadn't thought about it before.

    It should be noted, btw, that DVDFab's solution only applies to Blu-Ray, as well, and won't work for DVDs protected by Cinavia.
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    Could you check on this, since it would effect soooooo many others that don't copy (BR) just reg movies:> AND LET US KNOW :> THANKS AGAIN....
  7. SamuriHL

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    DVD's are only affected if you play them on a Cinavia infected device. That does not help with removal, I realize, but, just something to consider. *NO* DVD player is going to ever support this afaik. But a BD player that has Cinavia detection will have this problem.

    As for DVDFAB, that crap doesn't do anything except *ADD* protection to fool Cinavia into thinking it's a trusted source. Awesome. :rolleyes:
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    When (and if) a solution to remove Cinavia is included in a "CloneBD" product, would it be fair to assume that the removal method (code) employed by "CloneBD" may, for a modest fee, be added to a future version of CloneDVD?
  9. Adbear

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    CloneDVD isn't made by Slysoft, it's made by elaborate Bytes
  10. mike20021969

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    Was that for my benefit? :rolleyes:

    Here's one of my numerous posts. I've done countless similar others:

    Is there any reason why this code may not be sold to ElBy? It would increase revenue for both companies.
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  11. DrinkLyeAndDie

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    dashhappy, I can't answer your question because Slysoft has not announced a featureset for CloneBD. Even I don't know what features will be included. We'll have to wait and see.

    mike20021969, I think the real point being made by Adbear is that we are talking about two different companies with a business relationship. Remember Slysoft licenses code from Elaborate Bytes with respect to CloneDVD ripping engine code that is used in the AnyDVD ripper. The question becomes whether Elaborate Bytes would want to license Slysoft code for Cinavia removal and if it could even be integrated into CloneDVD to begin with.
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    I am bias to see a new, standalone software program from Slysoft for the complete removal of Cinavia. I believe this would be a huge market for Slysoft with their AnyDVD HD and a Cinavia removal product they could really capture the market for these products.

    With all the problems DVDFAB is having with their current QT versions of their software programs I don't see how anyone could trust DVDFAB anymore. They have really pissed-off many DVD fans. Needing special software programs just to remove DVDFAB products because of their computers locking up.

    I know I could not trust DVDFAB with their BDMV-REC trick disks to try to trick the Cinavial infected player to play the back-up disk. Their products just don't work properly anymore. No concern with quality in their products, only trying to get your money.
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  13. acruz

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    Cinavia Work-A-Round That Really Works

    I have a remedy that worked 100%.
    First convert the Blu-Ray movie to DVD, then convert the DVD to MKV. Plays perfectly on Sony BDP-S380 that has the Cinavia enabled.
  14. fast eddie

    fast eddie Well-Known Member

    That would be a good work around if the movie plays at 1080P on your Blu-ray player.

    But I would prefer a seperate software program to remove the Cinavia from the audio, and then build the back-up disk the way you choose.
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    Cinavia copy protection

    I have a feeling their will be many updates in software's, to many products where it will update and add Cinavia copy protection to itunes,may pc's ,cellphones, so get your firewalls ready and block all updates if need to be i was reading of 50 companies their are on board, like they don't have other things to worry about in the world that deserve full attention to be for we destroy our self...I got a Panasonic blu-ray player that is rejecting, burned mp3 disk, on cds and dvd's, i burned in a few formats even as data and player scanned and then stoped, so its all about keeping you older players pre 2012 i believe, Good luck
  16. James

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    No, there won't. Your feeling is wrong.