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    I was trying to copy Baseball Inning 7, part of the PBS Baseball documentary series by Ken Burns. All other disks copied OK, just not this one. The message given was:"Clone DVD application has stopped working. A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available." I am running Windows 7, Any DVD version and Clone DVD2 AnyDVD scans the disc OK. Logfile attached. Clone DVD2 shuts down and I am unable to create a log of it. Log window states Processing started, Successfully removed layer break, then I get the error notice.

    Any suggestions?

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    Let's try this...

    Let's give this a spin:

    1. Let's use the "rip video DVD to hard disc..." option on the right mouse click menu on the AnyDVD tray fox icon and then burn from the Hard Drive and NOT the DVD.

    2. If that is a no-go please CTRL-ALT-DEL, open "processes" and locate/right-click, "end" the process for your Norton/Symantec thing. They used to be a good provider or such stuff but for years now their stuff is bloat-ware, resource-hungry and known to be overly-critical where they have no need to be.
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    I successfully copied the dvd to the hard drive using AnyDVD. Then I tried to use the CloneDVD2 to burn from that file. In a few seconds, the warning message popped up. I tried your suggestion about Symantec, but was not allowed to shut down the process.
    I do not think Symantec is the problem, as I have used your software and Norton Antivirus simultaneously without any problems for years. Someone else in 2008 had the same warning for the same movie, but their problem apparently resoved because their region setting was wrong, but this makes me suspicious that there is something on the DVD that is not being removed which blocks the Windows application of CloneDVD2. And especially since copying the movie to the hard drive did not correct the issue.

    I appreciate your efforts, any other ideas?
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    Try using Dvdshink on the ripped folder

    Try using Dvdshink on the ripped folder if it is in excess of 4.35G in size and you want the copy to fit on a single layer dvd

    If the ripped folder is 4.36G or smaller use imgburn to burn the folder to to a single layer dvd.

    If the ripped folder is larger than 4.36G and you don't want to compress simply burn to a dual layer dvd with imgburn.

    I've done the above a couple times over the years when clonedvd2 had a problem with a couple of dvds.
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    Thank you very much. Had a little trouble figuring out how to use it, but managed to eventually burn the disk. You were right about the size of the file being too large. After shrinking, CloneDVD2 burned the file & it worked! Thanks again!