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Discussion in 'CloneDVD' started by docjames, May 4, 2012.

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    I have tried to copy the "Iditarod" DVD by Discovery Channel, and Clone DVD creates an error message that says: be sure you have the updated version, and send us a log file. I have not had many problems using Any DVD and Clone DVD till now. This movie was made in 2008, so current SlySoft software should be able to handle it. Any DVD log enclosed, but the Clone DVD log exceeds the size of the upload capacity. The proceedure starts Any DVD HD and the usual encryption removed dialog appears. Clone DVD starts and begins to copy, but when it reaches 99% done, an error program begins running to repair disk errors, and when it completes the task, Clone DVD begins running again, and finally gives the notice to contact Elby.
    Do you have any suggestions to fix this?

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  2. just curious

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    Were you compressing to single layer?

    Were you compressing to single layer?

    If yes - for this particular title try using dvd shrink.

    Although I normally use clonedvd to compress to single layer I've come across a couple of dual layer originals over the years that clonedvd would error out on while it was transcoding.

    Both times dvd shrink successfully compressed the dvds.

    I then resumed using clonedvd.

    P.S. For some dvds such as your "Iditarod" you may first need to use anydvd's "rip to hard disc mode" then use dvd shrink on the folder created by anydvd instead of using it on your original Iditarod dvd.
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    Try to set the AI scanner to "always enabled" for this disc.
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    Thanks. I will give it a try! I think the DVD shrink will work, as there are several hours (5) on the disc. Probably too much for a single layer disc anyway. AI scanner was set to auto/default, so will also try always enabled. I appreciate all your advice. Thanks again!