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    when will they make clonedvd2 for bluray
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    The best answer you will get on this forum is 'February' :D -- seriously, no one really knows right now and SlyFox has not given any estimates yet either
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    CloneDVD2 Upgrade????

    I purchased AnyDVD, CloneDVD2 and CloneCD approximately four years ago. I just recently upgraded to Blu-Ray. I assumed (and that's my fault) that my version of AnyDVD included HD (Blu-Ray) capability (given that all updates were listed as AnyDVD HD). Finding my assumption was wrong, I opted to upgrade to AnyDVD HD. I paid my money, for the lifetime subscription, and was sent my new key.

    After going through this process, I discover that CloneDVD2 is not compatible with Blu-Ray (again my fault for assuming)! I now have the capability to decode Blu-Ray but have no way to re-author the files. Most full Blu-Ray titles are in excess of 25GB. The 25GB disc are expensive enough, much less purchasing 50GBs. I would be more than happy to pay a reasonable price for an upgrade to CloneDVD2 if it were Blu-Ray compatable.

    If CloneDVD2 will not be compatible with Blu-Ray could some please recommend a re-authoring software in its place.

    It is not my intent to infuriate Slysoft requesting information of a product not available through them. However, I in good faith purchased an upgrade to a product I cannot now logically use.
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    While you are waiting you can use ClownBD or BDRebuilder to back-up Blurays. Both are free.
  5. i recommend this program as i use it myself with great results til slysoft comes out with something of there own

    TMPGEnc Authoring Works 4
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    As some said there are presently other alternatives until a SlySoft product is released.

    Start doing a bit of reading in the High Definition Software subforum beginning with the Sticky threads at the top.
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    Why pay for that when Clown BD and BD rebuilder are free and are specifically targeted towards Blu-ray?
    Also Tmpeg appears to re encode everything to mpeg 2 which means you'll end up with a lower quality film when shrinking down to fit on to a SL BD-R
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    @ butlerboy

    by definition

    CloneDVD is for standard definition disks
    CloneBD is for high definition disks Blu-ray format

    @ Adbear

    TMPGEnc makes great products free or payware, MPEG2 or not output, they have some of the best software products world wide. Authoring works 4 is no exception.
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    ChiefO -

    If your definition of Blu-ray backup is an image file on the hard drive, you have the tools to create that with AnyDVD HD and Virtual CloneDrive (freeware). WinDVD Pro 2010 will play a Blu-ray movie from such an image file if it's mounted upon a virtual drive.

    1) Rip an image (.iso) file to the HDD with AnyDVD HD, preserving the checkmark in front of keep protection.

    2) Download and install Virtual CloneDrive from SlySoft. Reassign the drive letter to 'V' for simplicity.

    3) Right click the 'V' drive in explorer and select mount.

    4) Browse to the .iso file and select it.

    5) Launch AnyDVD HD, then open Settings > Drives > Selection and place a checkmark in front of Elby CloneDrive.

    6) Play your movie!

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    Tmpeg is outdated these days, how does that make it the best? If it doesn't give the option to make your discs in h264 then what's the point? I used to use Tmpeg for SD work until I realised that all the encodes come out soft at which point I stopped using it and switched to better encoders. Authoring works is ok, but I think you exaggerate when you say they have some of the best software in the world.
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    hey Adbear got a question had this written down somewhere but dont remember where lol sorry this might sound wierd how would i get a 1-1 copy on a blueray disc i got the anydvdhd dont know if it was with anydvdhd rip video dvd to harddisk and then use imgburn write image file to disc and to burn it is region free
    or use imgburn to creat and write to disk but is it also region free
  12. Adbear

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    As long as AnyDVD HD removes encryption and region code then either method should work
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  14. Adbear

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    You can either make an ISO and use Imgburn, or follow the guide in my sig
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    Longtime user of AnyDvd (CUDOS to one of the best softwares ever!) and just happened to be browsing and noticed this thread. While you're waiting for CloneDvd Bluray-If you have AnyDvd HD you can create any Bluray backup by ripping to your HD and then using BD Rebuilder and ImageBurn, both of which are free. BD Rebuilder will do a movie only or full backup with all menus, also it can be burned in the BD RB setup(with ImageBurn) to DVD R, DVD R DL, or BD R discs (depending on size). It does a fantastic job, I have backed up over 200 Bluray movies with excellent results. There are plenty of threads how to use BD RB in Doom 9 or Afterdawn. It's by jdobbs and current version is 34.02. I have also tried Ripbot and Clown BD, both far short of BD RB's capabilities, options, and quality. It requires FFDSHOW, Matroska splitter, and Avisynth all of which are free and appropriate versions w/links are included in the BD RB app.

    One note: you need a PC with at least a duo processor though a quad or more is really recommended. It takes a huge amount of CPU to do Bluray. Movies only w/a quad run about 3-4 hours, full backup around 6 hours, not counting burn time. hope this helps...
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    Already mentioned several times earlier in the thread: