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Discussion in 'High Definition Software' started by PrincipalityFusion, Dec 17, 2009.

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    Okay, here's the deal. When i normally do backups, i just save the movie without the extras, menu, etc to save on disk space. My wife however, lovely angel that she is, always bugs me about keeping the movie promos that play before the main feature.

    Well, by using BDInfo and TsMuxer, i was able to find the playlist that has the movie promos so i made an m2ts file using that playlist. Then i made an m2ts file with the movie only. I though it was as simple as combining them in tsmuxer using the join feature so that the could play them in sequence (promos then movie). Well, when i joined the files in tsmuxer, it converts t he high definition soundtrack to match the soundtrack for promos. This turns it into 2 channel DTS and also put's it out of sync with the movie. Then i tried adding the files together instead of joining them and this basically makes the high definition track and the promo track play back simultaneously. Meaning, selecting track 1 will play back the promo track and selecting track two will play back the movie track. Also, the movie never starts after the promos finish, i just get a black screen.

    So the question is twofold: Is ther a setting in tsmuxer that will prevent it from trying to sync the high definition audio track with the 2 channel audio track so that the hd audio stays in sync with the movie. If not, is there a playlist editor that i can use (easily) to add the movie m2ts file to the playlist that plays the promos. Then i can use tsmuxer.
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    Simple answer is no, as the promo's are usually in a different video and audio codecs to the main movie, it's not possible to join them all into 1 big file like you can with multiple movie files. You would need to convert them all to use the same video and audio codecs then you would be able to do it
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    I have no idea if this will work, because I do the same thing you do, I don't keep the extra's, but I would try this.

    I would use BDinfo to identify this, if the extra's are in the form of more than one M2TS file then use the associated one MPLS file for the extra's and build a compliant Blu-ray structure for just the extra's.

    If the movie is in the form of more than one M2TS file then use the associated one MPLS file for the movie and build a compliant Blu-ray structure for just the movie.

    And of course, if the extra's and the movie are just one M2TS each use the M2TS file to build the Blu-ray structures, but the idea is to make two seperate Blu-ray sturctures.

    Once you have two seperate compliant Blu-ray structures one for the movie and one for the extra's, burn each seperate structure to one blank disk using Imgburn and see if they will play in the sequence you burned them.

    Or, get your software player to play the extra Blu-ray structure and then the movie Blu-ray structure.

    Like a multi episode disk
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    What about multiavchd?
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    Thanks skippy, that was just what I was looking for. I was able to import the playlists that i wanted. You can even remove subtitle and audio tracks from the files that you choose.

    There's a ton of functionality that i plan on exploring at some point, but i was able to figure out pretty quickly what i needed to do to get the movie to play after the previews.

    Thanks again for the tip:rock:
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    Glad it worked for you! I have used it to author my own BD directories before to combine a TV series into a large BD structure then make an ISO of it.