Computer BD/DVD Burners & firware with Cinavia

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    Are new computer internal BD/DVD writers included in the category of 'consumer' Blu-ray devices deemed mandatory to have cinavia detection support?

    Drives being considered, Pioneer: BDR-207MBK, BDR-208DBK and BDR-2208

    Thanks for any help :)
  2. Frank

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    The build date is key

    This is a big thread but contains drive info

    In general ALL BD-capable players must support Cinavia. That's the law.
  3. Ch3vr0n

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    True that in general all bd players produced after feb 1st, 2012 require cinavia. For standalones that is.

    However since OP asks about computer drives. it's the pc SOFTWARE players that (OP asks about computer internal/external drives) need to have cinavia support, it's pretty safe to assume computer drives will not need cinavia support. Probably no space in a drive for the extra internal hardware needed for it.
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    NOFX, Cinavia is not a concern with any of those drives.

    With respect to DVD/Blu-Ray drives in PCs, HTPCs, etc, Ch3vr0n is correct. It's the software developers of licensed Blu-Ray software players that are stuck having to put Cinavia detection/enforcement in their software. Standalone players are a completely different story than DVD/Blu-ray drives for PCs and they are stuck having to detect/enforce Cinavia if they want to license their device just like software players.
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    Thanks so much guys I was actually concerned that I was asking a silly question!!

    Frank , Ch3vr0n, DrinkLyeAndDie

    Thanking you all very much, Legends :)))
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    Glad we could help. There's no such thing as a silly question, only silly answers ^^. Even a question how dumb it may sound (sounding dumb/silly doesn't mean the question is), is still a valid question if the person asking it has a reason too ;)
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    Cinavia effect on files

    Would Cinavia effect the copying of a BD to a computer, conversion to mp4 file, transfer to a USB drive, and playback from a device like a Roku, or ipad playback?

  8. Ch3vr0n

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    No, cinavia does not affect the copy transfer to a computer. It only affects playback

    Yes, converting to a mobile format such as mp4 does NOT remove the signal. It is carried over in the audio.

    No, cinavia does not affect the copy process at all, not to a pc, not to a usb stick, not to a usb harddrive, ...

    Depends, is that roku device a licensed blu-ray disc player produced after februari 1st, 2012? Ifso then cinavia detection will be mandatory. But since this is from what i can find a streaming player with no disc drive or official blu-ray support i doubt it will be enforced on this player.

    No, as the ipad does not support blu-ray disc playback. Last time i checked it didn't have a blu-ray drive.