Contagion & AnyDVDHD 6916 - BD+ may not have been removed correctly

Discussion in 'AnyDVD HD (Blu-ray)' started by Pelvis Popcan, Jan 3, 2012.

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  1. Pelvis Popcan

    Pelvis Popcan Well-Known Member

    Thought this one was in the database.

    Unfortunately, the only PC I have use of right now doesn't have the SSE2 instruction set, so I don't know if the log it created is going to be useful.

    I would like to post the log, but it is 150 megabytes (the forum only allows 10 megs). I'm not sure if this is something the BD+ developers did to hinder cracking, or a result of my non SSE2 CPU.

    Please let me know where I can upload the 150 meg log file.

    I am well aware of my old CPU, and I apologize for it. I know this machine is in bad need of an upgrade.

  2. Peer

    Peer SlySoft Development Team Staff Member

    This title requires the online database - for certain reasons we haven't added "autonomous" handling of these discs to AnyDVD yet.
    The log file will always result in an error, it's irrelevant.

    Are you saying, you have a problem with this disc even when not creating a log file?
    SSE2 is not required when using the OPD.
  3. Pelvis Popcan

    Pelvis Popcan Well-Known Member

    That's what's nice with the OPD, I can use the non SSE2 machine to make backups! :)

    The status is not from the log. It did use the online protection database, and resulted in the error.

    When you make an AnyDVD log, it actually does try to break BD+ locally, so I get the SSE2 error when making the log. It does create the log however. It is 150 megs. :p If you want it give me an upload URL or FTP or e-mail.

    Yes. :p

    Maybe this disc has a stronger version of their new BD+ to spite you for your message to Warner thread? :p
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  4. Peer

    Peer SlySoft Development Team Staff Member

    Please try again now.
  5. Pelvis Popcan

    Pelvis Popcan Well-Known Member

    Still not working.

    By the way:

    C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\SlySoft\AnyDVD\Cache empty.

    Last edited: Jan 3, 2012
  6. Peer

    Peer SlySoft Development Team Staff Member

    The changes may take some time to propagate through all servers. Meybe you were too fast :eek:
  7. Pelvis Popcan

    Pelvis Popcan Well-Known Member

    OK, will try later and report back!
  8. Pelvis Popcan

    Pelvis Popcan Well-Known Member

    Still not working. Same status and conditions. :(

    I did try another disc with BD+ to make sure it worked. It did. I tried making a log file to make sure it wasn't some huge size. It wasn't. (Hot Tub Time Machine Unrated.)

    Why is my log file for Contagion 150 megs but this one is 135K?

    Again, please let me know if you want the log and how to upload it. (I can also upload the protected ISO if you want.)
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  9. dnhrio

    dnhrio Active Member

    I just ripped Contagion using, and although I got that message as well, it seems to be playing back fine - no scrambled frames, like on Rabbit Hole a while back.
  10. Pelvis Popcan

    Pelvis Popcan Well-Known Member

    I see a file appear quickly in C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\SlySoft\AnyDVD\Cache, then disappear. Doesn't that mean it's not good?

    I suppose I could try a burn and see if it works. ($7 blank :))
  11. martythebrit

    martythebrit Active Member

    Create an ISO, mount and play it...
  12. DrinkLyeAndDie

    DrinkLyeAndDie Moderator (en)

    For what it's worth I'm also having a problem with Contagion (Two-Disc Blu-ray/DVD Combo + UltraViolet Digital Copy).

    ASIN: B00664AM5C
    ISBN: 0-7806-7734-X
    UPC: 8 83929 19176 5

    AnyDVD states that BD+ is not being properly removed and I do have the online database enabled. Log files are 146 MB in size when created. The large size is the result of the SVM and JAR files.

    I'm not sure how long it takes for data to be propogated through all the Slysoft servers but it's been 5 hours since Peer noted that it might take some more time.
    Last edited: Jan 3, 2012
  13. rik1138

    rik1138 Well-Known Member

    For what it's worth, I ripped, burned and watched Contagion about a week ago, using (which seemed to have an update just for this title...)

    I always check the status window of Any before starting a rip, all protections were removed fine... Don't have it with me now, so I can't double check with the new version... But it was working back then.
  14. icandmy

    icandmy Member


    i ripped contagion also and the preview and the contamination psa were fine but the movie was scrambled from begining to end. also tid creating an ISO and mounted and video was choppy and scrambled once movie started. Adverts and such played fine.
    Last edited: Jan 4, 2012
  15. Pelvis Popcan

    Pelvis Popcan Well-Known Member

    Isn't there a separate upload link (not forum attachments) where users can upload larger files to SlySoft? (I could have sworn I've seen it before.)

    I feel like they really should have these... it appears this disc has several variants of the protection, similar to how it was with Avatar.
  16. Pelvis Popcan

    Pelvis Popcan Well-Known Member

    Here's the Directory List.

    There's six SVM files that are 20 megs each. That's definitely a very different BD+ than Slysoft has seen with the previously submitted logs for this disc (or any other disc for that matter).

    Attached Files:

    Last edited: Jan 4, 2012
  17. Peer

    Peer SlySoft Development Team Staff Member

    No, it's definitely the same disc - they all have 6 svm files of that size.
    That particular disc worked fine before.

    The whole issue was a database problem.
    It's fixed, now. Please just try again.

    It should work without this, but if you want to make sure, empty your folder:

    Sorry for the trouble.
  18. Pelvis Popcan

    Pelvis Popcan Well-Known Member

    Thanks very much Peer, it's working now.

    The log file size got me worried there. :p
  19. Pudder

    Pudder Active Member

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  20. randyc

    randyc Active Member

    where is that folder under Win XP ?
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