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    I am so very happy with all of the products that I have from SlySoft, but I would be even happier if you had a product that would be kept updated that would convert files from one format to another. In this particular case I am looking for a program that I can trust to have a long and productive life, one that would convert audible files to MP3's. Any suggestions out there?

    SlySoft has spoiled me with the ease of use for all the programs I have used, and for keeping current. Thank you! Sheila
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    Though this belongs in "Third Party Products" probably, i've personally found there's no match to "DB Poweramp Converter". Does a superb job, has codecs packs for it and does batch converting (entire folders ..., including subdirectories) and supports multi-core processors
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    Audio from Audible ist protected and can't just be converted.
    You need to burn the files using iTunes on a CD(-RW) as Audio CD and than rip it back.
    Other way you can do it use iTunes and a ThridParty programm wich emulates an empty CD and "burn" AudioCD there.
    Since its emulated take only a a few minutes and you can directly rip the audio after that from the emulated CD.

    Keep in mind the audio has a watermark wich can always identify the buyer.
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    Watermark will be still there and it will take long timeusing audacity, depending on the length of the audible audiobook.
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    I use Musicmatch Plus to convert any audio sound, like off the stereo radio, mike to MP3 at 128kbps and burn to a CD-R blank disk.

    If you want to edit the MP3 before burning to a CD-R I use MP3 direct cut.

    Also, works great for copying commercial CD-R audio disks.
  7. Thanks for that about the watermark. I learned something today.