Converting HD-DVD format to normal DVD ??

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    Hello Guys :;

    Happy New Year:

    I have a Toshiba SD-L902A HD-DVD burner running in Windows Xp computer .

    I have some (old HD format) HD-DVD movies and I want to burn (convert) that movies using the normal DVD dics media .,, Example ( DVD-R or DVD+R)

    I know AnyDVD (HD) can read the HD-DVD-Movie from my SD-L902A Toshiba drive and export the HD-DVD Movie to a ISO file or create HD-DVD files in EVO format ,,

    But.. I don't know what to do with that ISO image or EVO files ..

    Exist a sofware capable to do the job in one step ?

    Please somebody help me ...

    Thanks in advance :
  2. mike_r

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    You can't really do this in one step. When you say DVD do you mean SD DVD or where you hoping to keep the high def part?

    HD-DVD -> Blu Ray : Use Clown_BD for main movie only
    Blu Ray -> HD DVD or even SD DVD : use mencoder

    Both these steps include freeware software. There are probably some payware solutions available, but they need to be discussed in a different forum.
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    Export HD-DVD to Normal DVD format

    Mike_r thanks for your fast response ..

    Well.. right now I don't have a blu-ray burner soo in this moment I only want to export my (old format) HD-DVD movies to a normal DVD format .

    In the future .. probably I will export to Blu-Ray ..

    Right now the Blu-Ray burners and media discs are too expensive for my budget ,,

    Do you think the Express Burn software ( link below ) is useful for my job ?

    That NCH software, burn ISO HD images to HD-DVD & Blu-Ray media

    Thanks in advance /
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  4. mike_r

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    Please don't link to third party software anywhere in the forum. You'll need to ask about it here.
  5. Adbear

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    Just use Imgburn to burn to disc, it's free